Wednesday, March 14, 2018

★National Walk Out Day★I Walked Out, And Here's Why We Need Strict Gun Laws★

Now, the past couple days I did not pay attention to the media, and had I known that there was a walk out, I would have done it.

However, my Professor had us discuss things today about gun violence, and said that if we want to do the walk out, we can, and she'd be right beside us.  I want to make something clear. Where I live, there is no license that I know of for open carry. You have to be 18 to buy an airsoft gun that I know of.

80% of school shootings are with guns that were obtained legally. People quickly jump to mental illness to be the issue at hand. They state that "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Guns are weapon that are used to kill people yes, so why is it hard to bring into the idea that we should have laws to enforce gun control? As I stated before, an 18 year old in the state that I live in can obtain a gun and ammo at the age of 18 without a permit. That is alarming. I feel that those who are opposed to strict gun control feel that they will not be able to meet the requirements to be able to keep one.

So it leads to guns being chosen over our children. I am not staying rid the ability to have a gun, but to have something in place where people who are not competent enough to have a gun, obtain a gun.
People feel superior online by bashing these kids for practicing their right to freedom of speech but want to claim that their right of baring arms is infringed. Do not underestimate someones belief or wisdom because of their age. Yes, there are a few that make the stupid list, but that is not everyone.

I personally have been in  a "shooting" and I  use "" marks because the shooter did not shoot at anyone thank goodness, but they shot in the air. I have also been robbed at gun point while at work. It is sad that today it has come now that in retail we must also train for active shooters as well as robberies.

People are posting rude comments about "oh they ate tide pods just last week" which is just singling out a few kids, out of how many? Why does it matter? They still have a right to feel safe in school. Why must we during orientation go through active shooter training before we start our college careers? These are children, and I am going to assume that half these people who say anything just do not care about the well being of their children if they have any.

It has not fallen on the shoulders of the teachers and children to get the attention of our representatives to begin discussing what measures to take to ensure the safety of the students in school. Teachers and students should not have to fear going to school every day.

I implore you to stand with us, and fight against this barrier we keep coming across. Gun control does not mean that guns will be taken away, and we should not rely on a 227 year document as retaliation to the idea of much more strict gun laws in the United States. Guns have evolved, and we do not need to have high powered one in the hands of civilians.

Update: So I've discussed this with my boss. Our store only sells airsoft guns which you have to be 18 years or older to get it. We do sell ammo though for other guns, however, our company now requires the buyer to be 21 years or older, which I find to be a good step forward.

Friday, March 2, 2018

★Making Decisions For The Future★Thoughts In The A.M.★

As the final semester bares down on me, I started thinking about my future. I know for sure that I am going to put on hold teaching. I may never even teach. I just realized that I would be put in the same situation. Except, it would be working full time, and then juggling school. I've decided that I am going to apply to different jobs, and see if maybe I land in an area where I'm comfortable.

I wish I could do this blog full time, and get paid a decent amount, but that is not happening any time soon. Instead, I am going to find a job, and then go from there. Since I was rudely awakened at 3:22am this morning, I decided to take my allergy medicine, and search online for grad schools.

This isn't set in stone though. I am just getting ideas, and I'm giving myself time to do fully decide what I want to go, and where I want to go.

This May, I will be graduating as an English major with a Japanese minor. Heck, I may even just go back and get my degree in Japanese, but I am not sure. That would require me to study abroad, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that on my own, or it will take some time to complete.

I may even apply to JET and go abroad that way. I think I am just going to enjoy the time in the present, but these are the thoughts and potential plans I have.

1. Apply to Grad school (Get Master's in English)
2. Apply to JET, study abroad, and then come back for Masters.
3. Find a job that I'm good with, and just focus solely on building myself more and more in that company.
4. Just let whatever happens...happen.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

★I Ran My College's Instagram Account★Weekly Blog 2★

Hello all my lovelies!

How are you doing today? I know this blog is a bit late, but that's okay!
I have been very busy focusing on school, and getting things done. Craving Banana nut muffins, which I finally found!

Things are great. Also, the past week I was running my college's Instagram account! Can I add this to my resume?

Each week during the year our college picks a student to run their account to give a more insight about student lives. To be chosen, you would email in the head person,  and they would schedule you a week on the account. I at least tried to post something every day but when it came down to Saturday and Sunday of my run, all I did was work, so I did not have anything really to post.

Below I will post the photos that I used on the instagram account.  To this, see is your college has it's own instagram and allows students to post. If you campus does not have one, then see about starting this trend yourself. I find it very important because it gives the true insight about student life on campus. Now, we did have rules on what not the post...anything that would cause trouble, but otherwise I think it's really nice!

Also, it was announced who our commencement speaker is this year, and it's John Meacham. Now, I do not know a whole lot about the guy, and I found an interview of him to at least get some sense, and I have to say he seems pretty good. His statement was and I'm not quoting word from word.

"Let's just hope this isn't going to be horrible, and the just a waste of the American People's time"

Now, again, this isn't the exact quote, and I hate being political, but this is in reference of Trump. I try to steer clear of this, but I have to agree. I hope this is just a show that's going on, and will end. I've given him a chance, but so far he's not been very impressive, but that is all I will say on the matter.

I do not care what side you're on, or if you support the POTUS. I want my sight to have a strong and united feeling without someone being outed for what they believe in. That being said, we're all in this world together trying to survive. If you would like me to talk more on certain subjects that are more serious, then send me a message via email or my social media links, because if you've seen my twitter, I do have a lot to say on certain subjects.

With that being said, everyone enjoy your week! I am planning a live stream as scheduled today on my youtube. I'm going to take a break from Assassin's Creed, and play some Fall Out 4! This live stream will take place 6:30pm CST.

Check out student's lives at my campus!!! Carthage's Student Life Instagram

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

★I Tried Joining A Sorority★

Hello Lovelies!!!!

So, I attempted to join a sorority on my campus, however, I did not realize the GPA they required.

Now, before you jump me for not knowing, hear me out. I saw the application on our daily email from the "news" we get on campus.

It said that the min. GPA was 2.0, so I went ahead and signed up and I even went to the recruitment orientation where I ended up paying $15. Now, hold on before you jump to my defense, because this is not a story that is mean to bash them either. 

After the orientation I waited until I was going to go home to check my GPA because my GPA for my major is 2.5, but not my overall, the reason being that I lost my Mother in 2014, and the past two-three years I have been recovering it. I have been doing better in my classes, but last semester I took on more than I could handle, and I made it with the scrape of my teeth.

Even if I had gotten all shiny grades, I wouldn't have made it to the GPA needed to join a sorority. (2.5-2.6).

Now, I looked at the paperwork and the 2.0 was for those who are fall transfers (I transferred fall 2014, so it doesn't count), and Freshmen.

The good news is, I was able to get my money back since they had not started the rounds. So, if you ever come up with the question on whether you should join a sorority, my answer would be to just give it a shot. I may not have been able to join, but that's okay. There are plenty of clubs for me to join.

Like, Japanese club, or German Club. Something along those lines. I know I said I was going to join rock climbing but I'm not sure as I realized that after Wednesdays, I am super tired, and just do not want to bother with anything.

I think I will find clubs that fit into my day just nicely and where I won't have both work and school.
That's it for this small blog, and I have to say that the stereotypes are not always accurate. The girls in the sororities on my campus are actually pretty nice, and they are not your Hollywood typical sorority.