Thursday, June 21, 2018

★Indy Pop Con 2018 Video Review★

Here are my video reviews of Indy Pop Con. It's in two because I got too excited about one of the topics and stopped the first video. Guys I had an amazing time at Indy Pop Con, and I hope that I get to come again next year!!! (we're planning on it!) Thank you all to the amazing cosplayers. Your photos have already been posted to my instagram but I am working on making a slide show for the site too. 

Special Thanks to Indy Pop Con staff, and for Crankgameplays for the interview. 
Check out both CrankGameplays and Girbeagly on youtube. Links down below! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

★Indy Pop Con 2018★COMING SOON★

Coming soon....

Note: Thank you guys so much for reading my blog!!!! I have exciting things coming up post Indy pop con! I, however, did not vlog because of reasons and I will explain them in a vlog later on today. 

Also, I have some exciting things coming your way!!!!! A Special interview from someone!!! :) Much love to you all, stay safe, and have fun on the last day of Indy Pop Con! 

Also, if you have had a photo taken by me then let me know! I am happy to send you guys the raw copies before I edit them. Just let me know who you cosplayed!!! Also, be detailed as there were many cosplays that were the same. 

Also, to the Mantis Cosplay at Taco Bell at Circle Center....I'm sorry I mistaken your cosplay!!! <3 You were an amazing Mantis. I had just been going 12 hours without eating. 

See you guys on the last day of Indy Pop Con! 

Update Update: Guys, thanks for being patient with the updates. Brandon has gotten the Con-plague, and I ended up with an upset stomach today so videos are being post-poned, but this means I can give you guys one big video versus two smaller ones, or I may stick with that. <3 much love all! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

★Hello lovelies!!!★Update: I GRADUATED AND I HAVE BEEN HIRED★

Good evening all!
I am not in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has been quite some time since I've been in my home town. It's still super hot in June, and it's still makes my allergies kick me in the face. I am literally going through a whole box of tissues.  I am however happy to announce that tomorrow is Indy Pop Con! I am so excited to be going to this convention and hoping to get some amazing shots of cosplayers, and much more.

I am also going to try to vlog as much as I can, but that will be posted later on after the convention. If you guys get photos from me, I will hand you a business card and that way you will be able to get a hold of me in case I miss posting your photo OR if you just want the copies of your photo(s) emailed to you, as well as your social media pages tagged onto the facebook page.

Now, for my updates on my life. I was going to post a live video tonight but my allergies have been acting up all day. It's my birthday today and it's been kicking my butt.  So, I will give you a mini updated.

5/27/2018: Graduation day. I graduated with a major in English and minor in Japanese. My minor is the main reason that I had went radio silent again.  I was not doing too hot in the intermediate class, but I actually pulled out with a pretty good grade. So I am a Bachelor of the arts with an English major and Japanese minor.

6/7/2018: My birthday!!!!!! Also the week before this I was hired on as an assistant teacher. I will not say anymore than that because of reasons, but I have gotten hired right after school which makes me happy! 

That is about all the mini updates that I have. If you want more frequent updates please check out my social media! If you'd like to live chat with me, I have my own discord!


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

★National Walk Out Day★I Walked Out, And Here's Why We Need Strict Gun Laws★

Now, the past couple days I did not pay attention to the media, and had I known that there was a walk out, I would have done it.

However, my Professor had us discuss things today about gun violence, and said that if we want to do the walk out, we can, and she'd be right beside us.  I want to make something clear. Where I live, there is no license that I know of for open carry. You have to be 18 to buy an airsoft gun that I know of.

80% of school shootings are with guns that were obtained legally. People quickly jump to mental illness to be the issue at hand. They state that "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Guns are weapon that are used to kill people yes, so why is it hard to bring into the idea that we should have laws to enforce gun control? As I stated before, an 18 year old in the state that I live in can obtain a gun and ammo at the age of 18 without a permit. That is alarming. I feel that those who are opposed to strict gun control feel that they will not be able to meet the requirements to be able to keep one.

So it leads to guns being chosen over our children. I am not staying rid the ability to have a gun, but to have something in place where people who are not competent enough to have a gun, obtain a gun.
People feel superior online by bashing these kids for practicing their right to freedom of speech but want to claim that their right of baring arms is infringed. Do not underestimate someones belief or wisdom because of their age. Yes, there are a few that make the stupid list, but that is not everyone.

I personally have been in  a "shooting" and I  use "" marks because the shooter did not shoot at anyone thank goodness, but they shot in the air. I have also been robbed at gun point while at work. It is sad that today it has come now that in retail we must also train for active shooters as well as robberies.

People are posting rude comments about "oh they ate tide pods just last week" which is just singling out a few kids, out of how many? Why does it matter? They still have a right to feel safe in school. Why must we during orientation go through active shooter training before we start our college careers? These are children, and I am going to assume that half these people who say anything just do not care about the well being of their children if they have any.

It has not fallen on the shoulders of the teachers and children to get the attention of our representatives to begin discussing what measures to take to ensure the safety of the students in school. Teachers and students should not have to fear going to school every day.

I implore you to stand with us, and fight against this barrier we keep coming across. Gun control does not mean that guns will be taken away, and we should not rely on a 227 year document as retaliation to the idea of much more strict gun laws in the United States. Guns have evolved, and we do not need to have high powered one in the hands of civilians.

Update: So I've discussed this with my boss. Our store only sells airsoft guns which you have to be 18 years or older to get it. We do sell ammo though for other guns, however, our company now requires the buyer to be 21 years or older, which I find to be a good step forward.