Thursday, January 19, 2012

★ One More ★

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There is a song that seems to have been somewhat empowering me every time I am  reminded of it. The
song is called "One More" by the band Superchick. Don't be fooled by the name. the band consist of 1 girl and 3 guys this band this band is a Christian pop rock alternative band. You may recognize their songs from "Cadet Kelly" and the TV show "One Tree Hill" where the song "One Girl Revolution" was used.

The lyrics flow smoothly with the melody and the speaks truths about daily issues in our lives. Touching on things such as self esteem, bullying, suicide, struggling in life, eating disorders, and death. This band is set out to do one thing and one thing only. Fix all those who are broken and help them build themselves up again with a message that will last a life time.

I came across a documentary today about girls in Korea and how they say "Beauty" is life. Beauty to them consisted of eyes being pulled up by glue and plastic surgery. They believe that pale skin, big eyes, and smaller faces is what beauty is. The reality is that beauty  is who you are as you are. Beauty comes in all forms, we just tend to ignore it and fall into the clutches of the media's hands. Superchick sets out to let the girls know that if we realize our beauty now, we could be so strong that it'd be...well Beautiful with the song "So Beautfiul"

Another thing about this band is that they are culturally diverse. I love that this is a multiracial band. I have to say I was impressed by this band when I found their songs. I was going to list the songs by them that relate to my life but honestly I think all their songs are accounted for so I'll list my top 6:

1. One More
2. Anthem
3. So Beautiful
4. Hey Hey
5. We Live
6. Alive

These are my top ultimate favorite from Superchick. I'm hoping to hear more from this band because I think they honestly have a lot of potential. I give this band a lot of props and hope you guys do too. Here's the lyrics to "One More". All rights and lyrics reserved to Superchick.

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