Saturday, February 18, 2012

★Stay Free My Misery★

I have to say that this post is well way over due. Considering this guy is my all time favorite musician and hero. Not only is he known for his role in the band X Japan but he's also known for his solo career and his heart. I learned a lot from him even though I never got the chance to meet him personally or anything. Not only was he a talented musician but he was also a very caring person and some one dedicated to his fans.

A young girl was diagnosed with and soon faced the reality that she was going to be the hospital for a while. This girl is named Mayuko and she too looked up to hide very much. She wrote to the make a wish foundation and wished that she could meet hide. That dream came true for her. She told him that she was soon going to be in the hospital and hoped he come and see her. He visited her as often as he could, and even donated some bone marrow to help others with Leukemia. An artist like this is hard to find now and days. The world has become so corrupted.

Sadly on May 2nd, 1998 hide had passed away. Now I'm going to give the "police report" because it's just a report and in my personal opinion it's bullshit. Though, why did we have to lose someone with such talent and so much love in his heart? My personal belief is that he's watching over every one of us and protecting us. I mean, he passed away but is gaining so much popularity. So much popularity that  I heard they're manufactoring hide dolls again! I want one. hide is one artist that I personally feel connected to for many reasons.
His lyrics speak the truth and can relate to our everyday life. When ever I feel sad I listen to hide and some how that sadness slowly disappears, and the next thing I know I'm jumping around my room singing along to his songs. This is one singer I can relate to and will continue to listen to because even though he's not a live, I feel like he is still. He lives in all of us, his fans, his friends, and his family. If I had the chance to run into his mother I would tell her how much her son meant to me. How much he's inspired me in my life! He makes me feel that even though things get rough and even though people tell you you can't, it's all a lie. You can't do anything unless if you limit yourself. So don't listen to anyone that says you can't.

hide if you can magically see this some how, Thank you. You're a great inspiration to my life. You and Yoshiki both. I love you with all my heart and maybe some day I can work with Yoshiki. hide is definitely something you should have on your playlist.  My  favorite hide songs will be listed below.

  • Good bye
  • Misery
  • Rocket Dive
  • Eyes Love You
  • Pink Spider (ピンクスパイダー)
  • A Story
  • Ever Free
  • Tell Me
  • Flame
  • Doubt

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