Thursday, March 8, 2012

★ Stay Strong ★

Everyone needs a role model. Sometimes they are teachers or they're our parents. My parents are divorced and I was getting bullied in school at a young age. One of my big role models is Demi Lovato. A young girl at the peeking years of adult-hood shows her struggles and the darkest moments of  life to her fans. I just got done watching the Demi Lovato special called "Stay Strong". A deeper look into Demi's mind and her pain showing the world that she truly is only human, so why can't other people see that? Simple, because fame makes people think they have a right to bully people.

We as fans, hold someone up so high, and gives the others the thought that they can push them done. Another thing is that people think that someone, like Demi, has this glamourous life, and she does but doesn't mean she isn't truly happy. If you take away the fame, the money, the clothes and the house what do you get? Just another human being. In Stay Strong, Demi shows us that she is just a human like the rest of us and she too has her own struggles to get through before she can be truly content.  This fight for her happiness comes at a price though, while battling hateful things being posted on the web such as "She's fat" and tabloids that mentions her relapse, isn't helping her full recovery. 

Demi's new album "Unbroken" is about her life, heartbreaks, and getting back up on her feet. My favorite songs on the album have to be "For The Love Of  A Daughter",  "Skyscraper", and "Together". I have to say these three definitely go on my life album and help me get through any situation.  One big situation, fighting with my father and breaking up with my previous ex. Yes, my ex but let's not get into that. I think that Demi truly has a gift to help lift this world of it's "ideal image" of what human is and she won't do it alone. Even though the "Anti fans" pop up every once in a while, her true fans friends, and family will always be here. Though I'd admitt, I wasn't as big as a fan as my other friends, until Demi came out about her struggles in life Also seeing her talk to her fans and encourage so many other people more in a way that I have ever been makes me happy. 

Now as an artist, and musician, I highly  respect her for not hiding anything from her fans. Demi if you ever read this, you are truly an amazing person and I hope you are doing well. I hope that you can continue to make music and continue to do your best in things. Never give up and never think that you are alone. I know sometimes it's hard to get back Do everything at your own pace and when your ready. We'll all be waiting.  People should check  out Demi Lovato and her upcoming tour. 

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