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★Dead City Lights★

This is a pretty interesting band that I've came across on twitter.  I began to correspond with them and asked if they'd like me to do a review of their band. I couldn't find anything on youtube yet so I ended up buying their single on itunes "Who I am" and the song was pretty mellow sounding kind of  like something I'd listen to if I was going out for a walk or something. The song gave me a mental image of what the music video would have been if it had been made.  I do like how the band is interactive with their fans, this is always a plus in my opinion. After corresponding with them on gmail they suggested we do it in a "interview" format so  I thought it was a great idea. Let me know what you guys think and might I say,  I enjoyed reading their responses and if I see them in the future I hope to get a face to face interview.


1. Introduce yourself and the positions you play in the band. (I know not really a question)
Zach: Guitar and vocals
Alex: Bass
Nick: Drums

2. How/Where did you guys form the band?
The band was formed in Phoenix, AZ.  Zach and I have been playing together since we were in high school and Alex was a friend of mine. One day I invited him over to where Zach and I jam we asked him to play bass and he didn't suck at it so we asked him to join the band!

3. How did you come up with the band name? 
Our friend Chad from Farewell, My Love helped us come up with it.  We want to be the shining light in a dead city.

4. What genre/style of music do you guys classify yourselves under?
Just Rock N' Roll.  We let everyone decide where to take it from there.

5. What inspires you to write your lyrics/music?
Everything. We write about our experiences, troubles, victories; Our lives are not very different from most peoples so we hope that people can relate to our songs. We write what we know, people can learn a lot about us by listening to our lyrics.

6. Who are some of the artist you hope to tour with someday?
Cage The Elephant and Foxy Shazam, they have some of the craziest fans. We would know, we are some of them :) We would LOVE to be a part of Warped Tour someday.

7.  Is there any more songs or Albums to look forward to in the future?
Absolutely.  Our debut EP is dropping very soon and we have already started demoing new material.

8. Where did you guys first practice at?*
Zach's house.

9. How long have you guys been musicians? Did you start playing at a young age?
We all started playing in elementary school, around 10 or 11.

10. Where are you hoping to tour most?
Europe!!! But we will be happy touring anywhere right now! 

11. Are there any bands that inspire your style?
Tons. We love the energy of bands like Blink-182, Foxy Shazam, The Sex Pistols, and Guns N' Roses, we love the groove and writing of bands like Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys, Adele, and Foo Fighters, but we love the sounds and originality of all of them!  It all depends on our mood though. We are all inspired by different bands individually, that list is just a few of the common bands we all share.

12. What are some of your favorite artist?*
There are many artists we simply respect, admire, and are inspired by, but that don't necessarily inspire our style much, like Johnny Cash, Nikki Sixx, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Slash and Duff, Buddy Rich, Ray Charles. We listen to everything though.

13. Do you have any hobbies outside of the band?* 
We like to go fishing together! The band takes up most of our lives though haha I like to cook a lot in my spare time.

14. Is there anything you guys like to tell your fans? 
THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU!! Truly, the support we get from fans is incredible and we feel indebted to each and every one of you every single day.  We do this for you, because we are music fans and music has helped us through so many times in our lives. Whether we were in our deepest, darkest hole, or having the time of our lives with our best friends, music was always there inspiring us, helping us, connecting us. We want to make music that does for others what it did for us.  This band is all about the fans; commUNITY.

*Message From Me To The Band* 

Truly thank you for this oppurtunity and I hope that you guys do make it on Warp tour! It'll be a pleasure to see you guys perform live and I'm hoping to hear more of your music!   

* Message to my readers* 

I'm terribly sorry if I have not yet got to requests for band reviews *Cough cough* my co-workers and John's. I'm working to do my best to get those in and they are next on my priority lists. Also I plan to review LM.C's new CD "Strong Pop". 

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  1. I heart this band! i speak to alex and nick all the time!


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