Thursday, June 14, 2012

★Honey Honey★

Honey Honey was a band that I've been told by a co-worker for a while now. The band isn't exactly my style but I did like some of the songs. It wasn't the melody of the music but the lyrics that seem to catch most of my attention. Like the song "Turn that finger around" and "The Esquire House".  The band consist of  only 2 people. Suzanne Santos(Vocals/Banjo/Violin) and Ben Jaffe (Vocals and guitar).  Though it has been a while since I've listened to them and this band has been suggested to me I still remember what I heard.

This is kind of a new sound for me, especially with the banjo since I've found myself more into rock and pop.  Though the music in Rock is also produced by insturments, the banjo is a new twist to my usual sound of insturments. The lyrics of the song are bitter sweet in my opinion. The song "Angel Of Death" surely is a bitter sweet song especially when you see the beginning when she has to kill someone she "loves" or has been with for a while.

"Turn that finger around" is my favorite because it's a song that's stating that you can not blame others for bringing you down because you're the one who chooses to be down or not. You're the one who controls your actions not any one else.

I think another perk about this band is the main vocalist voice. My co-worker told me about her and I can agree, she really has some pipes on her. It's rare anymore some artist find out what genre of music best fits them. Suzanne just has this unique classic sound to her voice. I don't think I can really compare or relate it to another vocalist voice because it's just unique to me.

As a rating for this band I'll give it a 4 out of 5. The band really has a lot of potential and the sound is really good. The lyrics also have deep meaning and possibly personal meaning which is another thing that is rare in bands anymore. I think this is more of a band I would just listen to if I'm trying to relax or to clear my thoughts.  Check out more update on Honey Honey's site.

Songs I've Listened to by Honey Honey:
1. The Esquire House
2. Sleepin in
3. Wind up toy
4. Not for long
5. Angel of Death
6. Turn that finger around

HoneyHoney official site

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