Sunday, August 12, 2012

★Action Item★

I was first introduced to this band by friend a week ago. Yeah, I'm a noob but it's ok! So, The band performed at the Indiana State Fair which I hadn't been there in about 10 years. So let's give a little you guys a little background on the band.

The band started in New Jersey and are currently unsigned. They self-released their debut EP which was  "The World and I", produced by Tom Schleiter of Fueled By Ramen. Action Item"s current line up  consist of 5 memebers: Brian Cag  on Vocals, Anthony Li on Vocals, Cello, and Guitar, Mark Shami on Piano, Dan Brozek  on drums, and David Buckzkowski on bass.  There was a previous member named  Joe Politz but the band parted ways from him. (no year given)

In 2008 the band traveled to Chicago, IL to record their debut EP with Tom Schleiter who is part of the band Powerspace. After the recording of their first EP, they recruited Mark Shami, from the former band Off Broadway in New Jersey. Mark would be picking up the the guitar, keyboard, and vocals. In the summer of 2008, the band spent the summer on various east coast tours and played the NJ date of warped tour on the Emie Ball Of The Bands stage.  Action Item is currently on tour so for the remaining tour dates, check down below!

Now for the review part of the band. I have to say that these guys had very good stage presence and that's key for some bands. This band gave off  a cool, laid back, but dedicated vibe. The kind of people I find myself hanging out with. The band also had a powerful intro when they opened up with the song "Marching Band" They also was very interactive with the crowd and made very good eye contact with the crowd. The band definitely gave strong emotion for the song that were performed. Also their emotion in their voice and their lyrics got me thinking deeply about some things, but I won't go into detail about them because hey, this is an review for the band, not my personal life.  In other words, I was extremely impressed and hoping to help promote them with this review.

I could tell that these guys like to be able to sing whatever they want and feel they need to sing. They believe that they should sing motivational, inspirational, positive, maybe a little "spiteful romancetism" type music and I like that a lot. Some bands today end up writing good or amazing songs but the company wouldn't like it and they'd  end up wasting a good song. Sadly, that is the truth, so knowing that Action Item is doing this on their own, from what I heard, makes me happy and they are extremely amazing. I can't wait to add the album I bought to my ipod and hang my poster on my door.

Now they did do some new songs from their new album. They sung them acoustically so I thought that was amazing because I think the songs sounded beautifully acoustic, however, I was so wrapped up in both performances I only wrote down about 3, sorry guys!. First song,

Brave: Brave is that song you need to listen to if you feel like things are just going right and you need something to push you forward. It's very motivational and has a powerful message. I think that the acoustic version gave more of a powerful emotion to it, but don't take my word on it because I have to still yet listen to the other version. The lyric "If you don't try, you'll never learn to fly"  stuck to me the most.

A million words: This is s spiteful song, but I think in a way a good spiteful song. Sometimes when we are in relationships that end up being horrible, or the other person just doesn't treat you the way you should  and you know about this feeling, this is the song for you to NOT go back to that person. Trust me, this song had me thinking deeply about things and I have to say it opened up my eyes to things a bit more.  Now it was said at the concert by one of the members, that this song was actually written for someone they use to be with and was titled "Under The Moon" but something happened (Won't go into details on who or whatever) and they used the same chords to write this song. Very ingenius but sorry for what happened.

:Last day of summer: This song...oh this song... soon to be released as a single if I heard correctly and is amazing for this time considering I'm about to start college soon. So spending the day with my friend Bre and going to this concert with her was the perfect time for the "Last Day Of Summer". This song could be used as a romantic song, or as I just described, hanging with friends on the last day of summer. I'm looking forward to the single.

My top 6 songs by the band:

1. Brave: I have things going on and this song kind of just perked me up and motivated me to keep trying.

2: When Everything Falls Back Down: I fell in love with this song instantly by the just first verse.

3. Defenseless

5: Without You

6. A million words

*Subject to change

Now more people came at the 6pm show because the weather cooled down a bit. This band is truly amazingly talented. I could get the feeling that they do love what they do, and they're very nice guys. I highly suggest that you guys check out this band and  see them live.

For More information about Action Item Check you their sites.

Official Website

Here photos from the concert.

                                      This is truly amazing. A girl was getting her friend's bday card signed


  1. so they are good live?

    1. yes! they are extremely good! Very good interaction with their fans and powerful performance. I highly suggest them.


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