Tuesday, August 7, 2012

★Demi Lovato: Unbroken -Ravinia Park★

So let me say that getting to the concert didn't start out all the best. We took the metra from Waukegan station to go to Ravinia but was held back 73 minutes due to a high wind advisory. So I called Ravania park and they at least told us that we will still be able to get in if we didn't make it on time which is good because I think that we were about to kill each other! So we sat on the train as the storm passed by and listened to "My heart will go on"...not the most comforting song. After the stormed passed we did began moving but only a measly 20 miles per hours due to the wind. We arrived at Ravinia just in time because they were taking tickets. The place was packed! I mean packed, some people even were forced to sit in the way back and couldn't even see the stage. You are however allowed to bring in coolers so that was a plus.

 My friend sarah and I sat under a tree a bit closer to the stage. My other friend,Bre, and I head to the merch booth and I have to say that the merchadise people were super nice and they let us actually see if the shirts would fit us before we bought it. Score the shirts were huge! The music began at exactly 7:25pm. It was good my friend walked up to the railing because as soon as the intro began teen girls swarmed up to the front. The sound quality was good and the crowd was lively. Though I have to say that if you want to get photos of Demi, your best bet will be to avoid the lawn area of Ravinia park because everyone, even those with seats, will stand and block your view to the artist performing. Demi was very personal with her fans.

She wanted to see everyone's faces and also stated she loved shows like this because she could talked to her fans. I love artist like this because she's more about becoming 1 with her fans and more about being a role model than an artist. Demi had got really personal when she began to talk about her going into rehab in Illinois and stated that "Getting help is the most important thing you can do" So if you are a fan of Demi and are facing the same challenges, Demi wishes you'd get help before anything bad happens.

 Now the sad part of the show is when she stopped it because she heard booing to her right in the front row. My heart stopped, then my friend Sarah(Luna) and pointed out that there was booing to the right of us which made me realize that there were Anti-fans in the mix. Demi held her composure and asked for those who wanted her to continue to scream really loud. Almost the whole place shook with fans silencing those who were trying to tear her down. Sorry Anti's but you've lost this one. The show continued and I walked around to observe the fans. All the fans there and even the parents were there singing along with their kids. Demi I think has become a good role model that parents liked to see their kids look up to. The show ended about 10-ish.

My friend and I ran to where Demi was going to exit and the security guard was there telling us she had left. Supposibly she was going to get out of the fan and come to us but she didn't. I'm assuming because of the of the Anti-fans being present they didn't want to take any risk of her being hurt. My friends and I made a scrap book but couldn't give it to her, but it's ok because we'll mail it to her via mail. Overall, I loved Demi live in concert and was happy I was with my friends seeing her perform. I think one of my favorite memories was when a daughter was trying to get their mom or friend to dance along with them. Demi keep going forward and don't stop. We need more artist like you in the world and I'm hoping to see you live again.

Fan interviews!:
Lynn Miller

1. Q:Where are you from?
A:Albany, WI
2.Q How long have you known about Demi?
   A:Since the previews for "Camp Rock" came out.
3. Q:Favorite songs?
 A:"La La Land" "Don't Forget" "Believe In Me" "Lightweight" "Skyscraper" "My Love Is Like A Star"
4. Message to Demi:
Demi, thank you so much for everything you do. For staying strong, for not giving up, for keeping going. I just found out I'm Epileptic and you are one of the reasons I'm not going to let it slow me down. You hear this all the time but you really are inspiring. We wouldn't tell you that if we didn't mean it. Love you so much.  Oh! And what's your favorite metal band? (:

1: Where are you from?
   A: Indianapolis, Indiana
2: How long have you known about Demi?
   A: 08/09
3: Favorite songs?
  A: Lala Land, Stop The World, Remember December, Lightweight, and Skyscraper
4: Message to Demi: I love you Demi you're such an inspiration to me and I honestly don't know where I'd be at times if you hadn't said some the things you have. Stay strong and remember you're beautiful just the way you're.<3

Demi you've touched millions of hearts and continue to do so. You've made people stronger and you've changed the world just a little bit. Don't let people bring you down and don't like anyone stop you from being you. I've never seen or heard of such a strong hearted artist that would get back up so fast and push forward and past all the negativity.  This is your time to shine. On behalf of lyrical dreams I would like to congratulate you on the VMA nomination for Skyscraper. We'll be watching for the result.

Photos By Lynn Miller: Thank you!

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