Tuesday, January 15, 2013

★ The GazettE (ガゼット)★

The Gazette(ガゼット) began in Kanagawa formed in the year 2002. The band is currently signed to Sony Music Japan and is not only one of the most popular bands but also is known to having one of the largest international fan base. The band began originally with Ruki, the lead vocalist and also backing guitars. Uruha as the lead guitarist and the back up vocals. Aoi for the rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Reita for the Bass, piano and back up vocals. Yune for the percussion, drums and he was also the leader.

However in 2003, Yune left the band. I found this shocking that the leader of the band had left versus another member because that is such an upholding position. I tried digging up resources to figure out exactly what happened but no one really has no idea why Yune left  but as the months passed by I realized that I really just didn't care. What happened to Yune is his business and I'll just leave it at that.  I don't feel the need to become a tabloid that exposes or makes up silly rumors about someone. 

After Yune left, Kai joined and volunteered himself to be the leader of the band. The band didn't seem to really release any studio albums until the year 2004 when the album "Disorder" was released under the PS Company label. My favorite song from Disorder has to be "anti-pop" The band tends to mix in hip-hop with their music which gives the music a new flavor under the genre of Visual Kei.   The genre while it's under visual kei is more like hard metal rock mixed in with hip-hop, RnB with a dash of dub step or just some kick ass rhythmic beats. 

One of the most haunting songs from this band is from their DIM album which was released in 2009. I still get chills and goosebumps up my arms when I hear the little child's laughter in the song Guren(紅蓮)The song is based around the touchy subject of abortion and the video holds a lot of visual symbolism.  

I'm not sure what inspires these haunting songs but the band seems to like to expose the dark part of human nature. In 2011, the album Toxic was released. I remember listening to "The suicide circus" and "Red." I feared that maybe overtime they have changed a lot.  I will be the first to admit  though that I was not a fan of them at first. I first listened to their song "Filth In Beauty" and was instantly hooked. Bands like that are hard to come by but back to Toxic. I listened to it and questioned "Is it going to be the same?" 

Sure enough as soon as I play the Toxic album I am blown away by the powerful riffs of the guitar and Kai pounding against the drums. Ruki's voice blaring out through my ears in a good way with the mix of hip-hop and RnB voices in the background. Yes, indeed this band has come a long way in such a short amount of town and yet they continue to want to spread a message out to their fans.  

I know I have not stated all their albums but I just went by what stuck out to me the most. I love this band and I have to say that my only disappointment is that PSC has still not let them do shows overseas! This band has managed to inside my head and understand better than I could have in my lifetime just by a few lyrics like some other bands. This band definitely gets a 10/10 and I hope to hear some new music from them soon or even a live performance.  

Overall this band has won my heart from the power performances being on youtube to the lyrics written by each member. This band is heading in a good direction but my only concern as a fan and as a critic is that this band get on a plane and began to do a real world tour. Chicago is awaiting you guys as well as many other cities. I hope that your company makes it possible for you to do many more shows and I be in the audience cheering you guys on!

Soon there will be a post up for their recent studio album "Division". 

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