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★My Chemical Romance:Danger Days★

At first I wasn't too into this band. I thought it was another fad that was going around because everyone seem to know the band but then my good friend introduced me to the band through the song "Nanana" The band is called My Chemical Romance and my favorite album is the "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys"

The album takes place in California in the year 2019, during a post apocalyptic era. There is a company known as BL/ind or "Better Living  Industries. The evil company and their "Draculoids" along with their exterminators set out to destroy the Killjoys. The Killjoys are the rebellious group that goes against this evil corporation and their deeds.

The Killjoys include "Party Poison" played by Gerard Way, "Jet Star" played by Ray Toro, "Fun Ghoul" played by Frank Iero, and finally but never least "Kobra Kid" who is played by Mikey Way. However this group of rebellious vigilantes are accompanied by a young girl known as "The Little Girl" played by an upcoming singer/songerwriter/actress Grace Jeanette. The band also tunes into a pirate radio station DJ'd by "Dr. Deathdefy" and this sidekick "Show Pony". Show Pony is played by Ricky Rebel.

While in the attempts to stop Better Living Industries, the group find themselves in a bit of trouble as the little girl gets kidnapped and taken to their main headquarters somewhere in  California in the video "Nanana" after the Draculoids nearly blew their freaking heads off rendering them unconscious but not before Party Poison can see the girl being kidnapped. Come on guys you gotta keep going. The Killjoys regain consciousness and  plot a way to get her back in the follow up video of "Sing".  The music video series just contains "Nanana" and "Sing" so if you'd like a theatrical version I suggest listening to these two videos that I've posted below.  The album itself however is all a story combined together.

The ending seems to break a lot of peoples' hearts however there is a theory that this isn't the last we will hear from the Killjoys.  

The Album:

I think personally this album was well put together. I love Gerard's voice in the songs because there is true raw emotion in his voice and also with the band mates. I have never seen a band perform so well and try acting too. The lyrics are perfectly strung together. I personally did not like the Glee cover of "sing" so I'll just go with the original but I do like what this song has to say.

I found it to be one of the songs that I can listen to over and over on my ipod. Another thing I love the most is Dr. Deathdefy's parts. I love how it's just as if we're listening to a continuous radio show until the very end. I love that raw feeling as you seep yourself into the world of the Killjoys and what "missions" must be done. Now I do know we're not in a post-apocalyptic situation and we're not fighting one evil corporation but we are fighting something.

My top favorite song has to be "Planetary Go!" This song at first I wasn't too sure about but then I listened more closely to the lyrics and I'm thinking "Fucking finally someone is thinking this way!" The lyrics are "Ladies and gentlemen truth is now acceptable, fame is now injectable, process the progress, this core is critical, faith is unavailable"  I love it!!! I never thought that I would ever love this band but I do! I owe my friend a lot of credit. Another song that has touched my heart from this band but isn't on the album is "Cancer"  and "The Ghost of You" but we'll get into that another time.  This is my favorite album of MCR and I highly suggest buying this one!

Definitely if you're planning a party or need something to jump around to, this album has the songs for you. I give this a 10/10.  Nice job guys!

Oddly enough a website for "Bli" or Better Life Industries has popped up! You may recognize the lady that is speaking in Japanese.


To find out more updates about MCR and any upcoming albums check out their site and twitter.

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