Monday, February 18, 2013

★Farewell, My Love★

As I lay down in bed trying to get over this dreadful Bronchitis and Pharyngitis, I decided to work on this review over Farewell My Love. This band started out underground but seems to be getting a  lot of attention lately. The band does an impeccable job on making their music videos and I love how the song "Portraits" opens up with the solemn piano in the beginning then picks up  at the 0:26 mark.  Now the name kind of throws me off because I question on where they got their name from.

It's hard trying to dig up anything about this band. There's not wikipedia page or any fan pages that display any information so I will rely on their facebook to direct me in the right direction about the band. The band started in 2011 and began in Pheonix, Arizona. Ryan Howell is the vocalist, Robby Creasey is the guitarist, Chad, Kowal is the drummer, Charlee Conley is the bassist and last but of course never least Logan Thayer for Guitar.  Now that we have the names and positions down, let's discuss some music and style shall we?

The band definitely wants to visually shock their fans with their looks. I kind of see a " visual kei" look but then again this is my opinion and there is a chance that these guys don't even know what Visual Kei is. Ideas can spontaneously come out and are not just from one are of the world, or so I've been taught in my philosophy class. I love the bands look from their wardrobe to their make-up and hair, however, I haven't seem to find out photo that I really like except for the one that is posted in this post.

The vocals of the song is good. His voice is crisp and in my opinion a bit raspy but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think this band is powered by all the members unlike some bands who have a power vocalist or a power guitarist that's the drive of the band. This band is  a united front and can only work as a united front.

There are times where some songs like "The hardest heart" seems to drown out the vocalist with the music of the song. I love the band and their music but I think it's just taking time to grow on me. I can see why they are growing big to have a big fan base

The only two songs I've seem to really like is "Potraits" and "The Glamour". At first I was in a state of confusion because when I had listened to the song "A Dance You Will Never Forget" I had thought that it was the same song as "Potraits" but it isn't. While they both start with a piano like song they aren't the same at all.  Maybe that's such a noob thing to say but I just don't know too much about the band to make a big decision about the band. I do like this band and plan to buy their album in the near future how ever I'm still fairly new to the band.  If there are any songs about them that you think I should hear then please leave me a suggestion later on.

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