Friday, March 22, 2013

★Good Night killjoys★

My Chemical Romance posted a small fare well to their farewell to their fans and thanked them for their support. Yes, one of America's new found hope in music is saying good bye. I think that all of us as fans hope this is just some hoax or a joke but I don't think this time it is.

There is no source as to stating "why" they broke up but I guess we as killjoys, we must keep their music alive and continue playing their music or singing.  I feel a bit let down because I had been weened into the band so late that I hadn't gotten an opportunity to see them live in concert. I loved the band's album "Danger Days"

The band had stated that "We'll release our Lost Album when we split" so I question if this statement is going to be kept up to par. I hope this isn't the end of My Chemical Romance. I hope they are just taking a sabatical and just wanting to get away from the scene for awhile.

However, I do want to state that I know the band does not want us to stop here. I know for a fact that the boys would want us to continue their legacy through what we learned from their lyrics. Fuck the system, and continue to speak out for those who are too weak to speak out.  They would want us to move forward and not be sad but continue to love them. Hey guys, thanks for the memories.

I close this small blog with a song that I think you all would agree is perfect. Don't mourn for the band for they are just doing what they think is best for now. To My Chemical Romance.....Thank Ashley for introducing me to you. You guys were kick ass and knew how to make a point.

My Favorite 6 My Chemical Romance Songs of All Time:
1. Planetary Go!
2. Cancer
3. Mama
5. Sing
6. Nanana

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