Sunday, May 19, 2013

★ACEN 2013: Personal review★

This was my first year going as press so I have to say that I was pretty excited. Not only was being press exciting but my whole crew was with me so I was happy to know that my best friends could experience with me also.  The first I noticed that drastically changed was the registration. I had never seen it more organized before. My first experience with ACEN, We had to wait in line to have our passes bought. The line was in with the Exhibit hall which I found kind of odd. The lines were long so it seemed that a lot of people either had their tickets on will call or was purchasing them for a day or for the weekend at the convention.

Last year I just had my ACEN badge mailed to me. I wanted to avoid the wait of the lines. My friend didn't so we still had to wait a bit but it didn't take too long since the will call was moving fast.  This year was even better. Our badges were on will call and we did have a bit of an issue.We entered the convention center and noticed that there was a seperate room just for registration. I was quite impressed and I thought that the entryway to the room was quite nice. Kudos ACEN.  The line was short so it didn't take long for us to get through it. I had registered everyone when I was only suppose to register under myself for press and then request 3 badges. I was told differently by someone else so I ended up registering everyone. It was a confusing process.  When we went to pick up our badges, they stated that one of my people wasn't on the list but that was a matter of her license stating her birthday was 2012. I was a bit appalled by that but then they found her with no problems.

When we received the badges, we looked at the list for press interviews. Seeing as Kalafina was not on the list I was a bit disappointed but there are always reasons to why things are not there. It was good though, that we had a back up plan. We decided to interview Yukino and Yuu Asakawa. Both were charmingly sweet women.  During the interview with Yukino, she was very open and happy to be there. Her producer was nice enough to give us all a copy of her newest album and even gave me an extra copy to give away. Check the site for rules for entering the contest and look out for  her interview later on.  She had also taken a liking to my photographer's  Hello Kitty hand warmer.

The next day we commuted from Racine, Wisconsin to the convention again. It was a bit of a long ride but we ended up getting there with ample time for the next interview with Yuu Asakawa.  Yuu Asakawa is a voice actress and singer. She worked on vocaloids as Luka and did a few animes such as Azumanga Dai Oh, and Love Hina. Her interview will also be posted on a seperate page.

Overall the was a huge success. We decided to use Sunday to relax and finish up the site. Both article will be posted up soon!


  1. I'm happy to read your time at ACen as grand, and that someone else beside myself found the separate Registration room to be an awesome choice. I just assume it worked out for congoers and staff, despite the fact I wasn't very present through my working hours.
    Oh, and stopping by to say hi because I got yon business card somehow. Spreading the word on all cards I've collected through con is fun. I keep telling myself that, but I've been at this for several hours already, and only halfway done. :P

    1. Hello! I'm sorry that this reply is so late. The website now has a new name, and I'm going to ACEN again this year. Again, sorry for the late reply, been a pretty hectic year for me this past year.

      I'm hoping press registration goes more smoothly this year.


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