Wednesday, May 22, 2013

★ACEN 2013: Yukino Interview★

We got an opportunity to attend the press conference with Yukino, an upcoming sparkling ray of light in the Japanese music industry. Below is the interview and I hope you guys also check out on the website's main page for an opportunity to have a chance to win a Yukino CD! Please note that this is going to be a rough translation and I'm going to answer it as if she would answer it  because this interview is about her and well my fingers can only type so fast on an ipad!

★Interview Questions★

Q: Do you hope to continue your music career internationally such as doing concerts abroad?
A: I hope to be able to expand and perform in other countries, like places in Europe, however ACEN in my first step.

Q: Why is the album titled "Vocalized?"
A: Along with performing with instruments like violins, or guitars, I want to use my voice as my instrument.

Q: What would your prefer medium or genre be?
A:I want to do rock, but my current album is mostly Jazz.

Q: What bands would you like to work with in the future?
A: Aerosmith and Steven Tyler

Q:Is it hard to compare with pop bands such as AKB48?
A: My music doesn't use much synthesizing like other pop bands, but I like some pop bands.

Q:What inspired the music video Rantiki? It's much different than other pop videos that are flashy and colorful.
A: I wanted to go the opposite way from the usual vibrant music videos.

Q: Were you a fan of any anime when you were younger?
A: Dragon Ball

Q: Are there any new animes you like?
A: HunterXHunter

Q: Do you have any more stops in the USA?
A: *Pouts* I want to but I have to go to Japan Monday.

Q:Are there any ways being on the radio help you with your music?
A: I have two radio programs in Japan, but the radio is very deep and different  from vocal performance.
     I want to make my start in singing.

Q: To end this, any message for your fans or potential fans?
A: I'm happy to be here at ACEN and to be able to perform tomorrow. If you ask people to enjoy my music, I will b every happy and also if you spread the music to other countries.


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