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★ACEN 2013: Yuu Asakawa Interview★

Please forgive my tardiness, I was at a wedding so I wasn't able to post this. We also had another grand opportunity to interview Yuu Asakawa. She is very well known in the  vocaloid* world and a very popular voice actress. Some of the characters she voiced for are Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh, Motoko Aoyama in Love Hina and  many more. Enjoy!

★Yuu Asakawa Interview★

Q:What are some of your favorite tv shows that inspired  you to become a voice actress? Both old and new.

A: In elementary, because it was a requirement in school I was able to see "The Valley Of The Wind", even though I didn't understand it at that time, it was amazing. Up until then, I was watching kid shows so that was my first time seeing a strong character and I wanted to become like her.*  Right now to study and practice English, I watch a lot of dramas from overseas. The current overseas' drama I am watching is "Burn Notice" I want to be spy but I don't want to get fired.

Q: Are there any games or shows that you want to be a voice in?

A: Resident Evil. I'm a great fan of Resident Evil so I want to one day be one of the characters that speak English.

Q:What was your first career choice before becoming a voice actress?

A: I wanted to work for a hotel, in fact I was working for a hotel while being a voice actress, but my co-workers were getting married and leaving so I quite because of it. I didn't want to end up like that.

Q: What are your other hobbies or passions?

A: Video games.  I'm always playing a video game or watching foreign dramas. The dramas are more interesting from other countries.

Q: Have you ever played Pokemon?
A:  I have never played pokemon but I fear if I start playing, I wouldn't stop. I heard it's very addicting.

Q: Which game are you currently playing?

A: Biohazard *

Q: You're involved with vocaloids, did you want to do it or did a company approach you?

A: It was offered to me by Krypto, and my management company thought it would be a good thing to do.

Q: What is your overall impression about Luka *, do you like her personality or any other of the vocaloids?

A: When I was first introduced to her I wasn't even able to see a picture of her, but I eventually did come across a photo and I think she is the type that is  cool and quiet. I am usually always playing a quiet, unfortunate person so I was happy Luka wasn't like that.

Q: How did you first react to your voice in the vocaloids work?

A: The first impression was since the vocaloids was perfect in voice and sound, I felt a bit threatened because when I sing, I feel like I'm going to be compared to a vocaloid whose voice is perfect and I'll be labeled as a bad singer.

Q: Do you have any favorite American actresses or actors?

A: For an actor I have to say Robert Downing Jr. and my favorite actress is Jolie Foster.

Q: How do you go between voice acting and singing?

A: First of all, the different assortments is hard work which I love. I always try to go for the main characters but sometimes I end up being picked for a sub character. Of course, I will do my best for that sub character but the main character is usually chosen before my eyes and I will be like "oh, so that is what was required to obtain the role of the main character"  and use what I learned for my next audition.

Q: How do you like Anime Central?

A: I was schooled culturally. I was surprised that most of the buildings were connected together somehow and this convention is big because there is multiple buildings.


Vocaloids: Vocaloid is a program that is capable of synthesizing realistic voices for creating music. Human voices are usually used for the programs but the program is capable of creating words on it's own.

 Nausicaa of The Valley Of The Wind:  An anime released in 1984 that was directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki. Below will be a trailer. Nausicaa is the character she was inspired by.

Biohazard: In simple terms Resident Evil.

Luka: Luka was the vocaloid Yuu Asakawa used her voice for. I searched for some of her songs and I will post my favorite below.

★For a better understanding or more questions check out the Yuu Asakawa Interview Video below.★

★ Vocaloid Song By Luka(Yuu Asakawa) - Lie★ 

★If you're interested in watching the movie Nausicaa, here's the trailer.★

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