Thursday, August 22, 2013

★Farewell, My Love in 2013★

This year is already halfway over, but let's do a quick update on Farewell, My Love (abbreviated to F,ML). This up-and-coming band is on the fast track to fame with many online fans.

Farewell, My Love is one of the nicest bands you'll meet -- they're so nice, they're even still traveling in a van from venue to venue rather than the big luxurious tour buses most bands use.

Farewell, My Love had an Indiegogo campaign with nice perks to help them fund a new van to help them travel. They set a reasonable goal, too.

Current line up

Ryan Howell - Vocals -
Röbby Creasey - Guitar/Piano -
Chad Kowal - Drums/Vocals -
Charlee Conley - Bass -
Logan Thayer - Guitar -

Newest music video

Pre-order their newest album GOLD TATTOOS (here).

The largest package comes with a skeleton key. If your key is the winning key you could win a trunk full of prizes from their newest tour.

Also, each pre-order package comes with a temporary Heart logo tattoo. If you take a picture with this temporary tattoo on your wrist and post it to their Facebook page, your picture will be in their newest music video! (Join the event on Facebook).

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