Monday, August 26, 2013

★Has Miley Cyrus Gone Too Far?★

I was laying in bed last night and I noticed a lot of people talking about Miley Cyrus. I decided to research what everyone was talking about because they were specifically talking about her performance on the VMA's. I stopped watching music awards a long time ago. I just found them dull after a while but it perked my interest to see what Miley had done this time.

I youtubed her performance and found it. I had a complete straight face as soon as the bear showed up. I wasn't sure what to think, then she came out and wrapped her leg around the door. I wasn't sure what I was going to put myself through but somehow I knew I had to mentally prepare myself for.  When she stuck out her tongue I felt a bit disgusted and wasn't sure what Miley was exactly going for.

I will admit and I am not the only to admit this, but I miss her as Hannah Montana. Now don't get me wrong, I know she's growing up and I realized that she wants to do her own thing but this is just well this is so bad. Someone needs to get this girl an intervention.

I feel as if she had lost some self-respect for herself. Sometimes putting children in the spot light can turn out for the worse. I'm not sure what encouraged this performance but I have feeling that Miley may have been the choreographer.

I feel as if she's trying to be Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Madonna combined which isn't a good look on her at all. I know that it may have hit her hard with her parents talking about divorce which they stopped again. What got me the most was that her mother was clapping at the end! If she as my daughter, I pull her from this scene ASAP. Her father wasn't anywhere to be seen in the audience, which he may be sparing himself from the scene his daughter is causing.

Also, what about her fiance? I thought that they broke up a long time ago but apparently they are still on.  I still feel sorry for the guy.  The most entertaining part of this performance, if you care to consider it a performance, was the reaction from the celebrities in the audience. Everyone has been cracking jokes about the Smiths' new family portrait.

I believe Miley has gone way over board with this performance. This is worse than anything Amanda Bynes, or Lindsay Lohan can do compared. This is just my opinion of course but I'm seeing a lot of people agreeing that this years VMA's performance was just a hot mess.

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