Monday, September 2, 2013

★Replay By Zendaya★

When I saw that Zendaya had released a new single I wasn't sure on what to think. So, my curiosity got the best of me. I clicked on the video on youtube and watched it. Zendaya, being one of Disney's prodigies, had my attention. The lyrics seem mature and suited for someone her age. She said her inspiration for the video was Aaliyah which made me smile. I had told a friend that I stopped listening to a lot of hip hop because I preferred it when it was Aaliyah or TLC. Those were the days I miss the most.

Zendaya does have the flair and the song is quite catchy. It's hip hop but then again there's some twang to it to make it completely different. The lyrics is catchy and I found myself singing it a lot even when it's not playing.

The Dancing: The dances were choreographed by Ian Eastwood. A top choreographer. The way Zendaya dances just made my jaw drop! Don't worry, it dropped in a good way. I have to say I was really impressed with the dancing. The dancing was amazingly unique and she stayed on cue with the song.  I love the dubstep-ish dance moves in it. It was clean, smooth, and honestly I'm interested in learning it.

The Video: I loved how she had used a scenario that Aaliyah had done, but made it her own. I love the whole concept about the "physical form of music" because it's unique and new. I love the transitions between dance sequences.

The Style: I loved how she looked in this video. She was sassy, edgy, classy and all of the above. I loved her in the white outfit, and in the beginning with her braid. The only thing about the costumes and style I didn't like was the curly hair. I'm sorry but I immediately thought about the episode of "Shake It Up" where it's her 16th birthday party and her hair goes all over the place. Of course, this is just my opinion.

Now a lot of people have been comparing her to another singer named Cassie, so I decided to do research and watch Cassie's video. Watching it, I can see yes they're both in a high rise building dancing in front of a mirror but why exactly does this mean Zendaya's video is copy? The videos are completely different as well as the scenario's of the songs.

Dancers dance in front of mirrors. It's so they can see and watch themselves dance to make sure they get the moves right. I don't think it's uncommon for someone to use a mirror to dance in front of in a video. It's not copyrighted so I think people need to watch both video's again. Maybe I'm being bias...actually I'm not but this post is about Zendaya. So to clear up this mess about the "copy cat" sequence.

People who are not fully aware of the actions of dancers, sometimes don't realize that mirrors are a big important detail in the dancing world. Dancers use them as tools to make sure that they do the dance accurately. I see that people say "Oh she's in a dance studio and there's a mirror like so and so's! She's such a copy cat" which is pretty much, wrong.

Finally, I have to say I definitely rate this song 10 out of 10. I am very impressed with how far Zendaya has come and especially after everything she's been through. She's a genuine dancer which I love! She took something that was her weakness and turned it into her strength. Kudos to you Zendaya and I hope to hear the rest of your album soon.

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