Friday, December 20, 2013

★Ariana Grande Mini Review: Yours Truly★

I bought this CD the other day and I was actually pretty excited to see that Ariana Grande was coming out with her own CD. I was fortunately able to get the CD for free because I had some credit left on my Amazon account.  I love her voice and I think she's just a doll. I still feel that she was overshadowed with the main character on Victorious. I understand that the show is called Victorious because of the main character's name is Victoria Vega? I think that was  the main characters name, I still feel that they should have done more with Ariana and Elizabeth's character more. Now, Ariana is starring in the show "Sam and Cat" with a few other people showing up in episodes so it's really nice to know that she was left with nothing to do, and the same for Jeanette. I  feel sad when shows get cancelled but back to the album review!

The CD is in the pop genre. However, some songs have kind of a hip-hoppish feel to it and I feel like I'm a kid again listening to how TLC , Aaliyah, and 3LW use to make their songs. Though, no one can compare to them, it's nice to have an artist who goes back to singing about "love" and not just "sex" not that I disagree with the genre but I miss just that innocence of people being in "love" without the topic of sex coming up. Her voice, as I said is quite beautiful. She hits high notes and to be honest I'm quite jealous haha, just kidding. While I can't decide which is my favorite song because I love them all!  For a while I lost hope in this genre but Ariana has rekindle that love and hope for it.

Check out Ariana Grande's new Album "Yours Truly." (x)

Track list

  • Honeymoon Avenue
  • Baby I
  • Right There
  • Tattooed Heart
  • Lovin' It
  • Piano
  • Daydreamin'
  • The Way
  • You'll Never Know
  • Almost is Never Enough
  • Popular Song
  • Better Left Unsaid

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