Monday, December 29, 2014

★Switch Girl★

So, it's finally winter break, or it has been for awhile now but since Christmas has passed I am able to sit down and watch some Japanese Drama. I remembered I had a Crunchyroll account and managed to remember my log in information and saw that they had the drama Switch Girl which I have been searching high and low for.

For those who don't know what Switch Girl is, and is very interested in Japanese dramas, I suggest you check this show out. It's about a girl named Tamiya Nika who at school is beautiful, popular, the "dream" girl of everyone, (On Mode) and at home she changes into a track suit, ties up her hair, and puts on her glasses (Off Mode). Eventually the truth about her off mode is exposed to her classmate Arata but it turns out he too has an on and off mode, but his on mode is complete opposite of Tamiya's on mode.  I won't say anymore because I want to save the good parts for everyone else.

Now, what I like most of this drama is Tamiya's character is actually accurate because I myself have my on and off mode, but I don't try to hide my off mode. If I'm tired, I'm gonna throw some sweats on and go to class but otherwise I get up, do my make up, make sure I look nice, and act "proper". I will admit that there are some parts that kind of annoyed me, but over all I was happy that I finally could finish the drama.  For the characters/actors, I think they matched them up pretty well with the live actors.  Nishiuchi Mariya played Tamiya very well, and really brought her character to life.

For those who have watch the drama what do you think?

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