Thursday, February 5, 2015

★First Day Of The Semester★

Well, I finally got a macbook pro because I can't stand the idea of having an hp break on me again, and I'm loving it. It's sturdy and good so I can have on campus and occupy my time for when I have free periods such as now. Since it's the first day, classes aren't expecting to be too long. I was suppose to start classes yesterday but my Japanese teacher had to go to the immigration office for an important meeting.

I was quite shocked at how young my sociology teacher was. I mean I never thought I had a teacher that seemed to be around my age or a bit older. This is also my first semester without my mom. Usually I would call her by now and tell her how my first class went but that's not entirely possible, but I have good faith that she's watching from above. I'm really excited for my classes this semester.

I'm taking Sociology, Understandings of Religion, and Japanese. I'm still working on healing from the loss of my mother, and plan to work with my professors to make sure that I pass. I know I must work hard, and now I know I have to graduate.

I just got back from lunch. I didn't want to eat much so I grabbed gas station food! Yum. Pizza, and Arizona green tea. It was yummy, and thanks to my boyfriend for buying me my water bottle. For some reason I have had the song Girls/Girls/Boys stuck in my head. Dammit Panic! at the disco!  They are just such a good band.

Anyways, I've been home for quite some time. I was worried about how my teachers, but so far they all seems really awesome.  My  Japanese teachers I know will be great. I say teachers because we have an oral class, and that's with a different teacher, and my actual language teacher is a different person, um the head of the Japanese language department I guess you could say.

I guess the most I learned about today was about how much support I've had since my mom passed, and that makes me so grateful. Watching Dr. Phil with mom #2, I nearly broke down because of the girl who was a heroin addict, and I hope she does get help, but because I have been able to have such loving people, I'm in college, and continuing because losing my mom was the hardest thing, and I thought about stopping school, but I had people remind me that I can't give up now.

Well guys, that's my first day. It's a deep reflection but I think a good one too. Oh, and this person who parked in the middle of the entry/exit area, STOP, it's not safe, and the car I drive can't get around obstacles like that!  Hope everyone's semester is going well, and I'll be updating my blog as much as possible, including vlogs.

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