Thursday, March 12, 2015

★Dear 16 Year Old Me★

Dear 16 Year Old Me, 

First thing I want you to know is that it will get better in the long run. You’ve been through a rough life, and finally I can for sure there is a reason for that. I bet your wondering where you’re going to end up? I bet you never thought at a private college in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s beautiful, and overlooks Lake Michigan, and it’s a reminder that there are always ways to a better life. 

I know  father hasn’t been supportive of you, and you felt at fault for your mom’s illness but I want to let you know that it’s not your fault, and eventually she’ll end up in a better place overlooking everything that happens in your every day life. For years you were plagued as a misfit, and unsuccessful but that will all change if you continue to just push forward.  You are intelligent, and I’m sorry if I ever doubted you. I see the strength, the kindness, and the light that many have come to see in you.

People will try to bring you down with them if you began to climb to higher places, and those kind of people are not friends. Remember your friend Sarah? She and her family are going to end up being your biggest saviors because eventually fate will have you expand to a newer, a bit colder land, and the opportunities you will have will be limitless. Also, in French class, you will meet your best friend Ashley, and she will also help you guide you through your second chance at graduating high school.  You will soon learn that you have support of what seems like a whole army in the amount of a few people, and those who are related to you prove that blood does not make a family, but the support and love given.

You will feel abandoned, and betrayed by those who are meant to be called family but those wounds will heal as well. You will prove to people that you are more than just a statistic of what “your kind” are meant to become, and raise high. Music will be your best tool to combat negativity, and you soon will find your voice to stand up for yourself, and for those who can’t.  Don’t let people take the light that shines in your eyes because you are stronger.  

You will struggle a little more longer before finally settling down, and seeing the the world around you is changing. You will help shape the world and break the religious divide among those who are mistaken to worship a religion of hate. You will help educate the world that there is no difference between people knowing it will take a long while before peace is reached, you are to help the change.  You may not be famous, but you have had great achievements, and continue to follow your passions. 

You will come across Professors that will test you, and help you knowing that you have great potential. Your Japanese teachers will help you tremendously, and you find that the place you end up finishing your higher education will be of tremendous help during your time of the mourning of your Mother. I want you to know there was nothing that you could have done to help mother, and she was still fighting with her own demons, but you were her bright joy in life, and she missed you terribly since you’ve moved. She cheered you on in your studies, and you will learn that it is her that your passion for writing, and reading comes from.  You have come too far in your life to give up so please keep fighting.  

The world is not all dark, and there are times when it will feel like it. You will have a dog too to help you with your grief, as he fought for his life during the time of your mother’s funeral, and your bond is strong.  I want you to know that you have to make the change, and you have to pull yourself up from the pit of sorrow.  There is no telling when internal wars in, but you can’t surrender.   No matter who tries to tell you differently, you keep fighting. There are people who are going to say you’re lying but you will find those who listen, and know the truth. You have been told that you are also an Indigo child, and a strong individual. For once you’ll begin to understand that no everyone is going to not believe what you’ve been through. All mistakes are in the past, and I finally want to let you know that you are now in college, working hard for not one but two degrees. After so many years, you have now proven people wrong about what person you are going to be. As your “adopted mother” (who is your best friend’s mom)  “No one defines who you are but you” and you will learn to cherish what gift your Mother has given you, and forever push forward knowing that you will succeed.  

From your 24 year old self, 

Miyu Smith

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