Saturday, May 16, 2015

★ACen Day 1★

So, we woke up at 4am, an ungodly hour might I add, to drive down to Rosemont. We stopped at steak n shake in Gurnee to have breakfast but that's not the main thing you want to hear about. You want to know how day 1 went at ACen. Well let me tell you, I wasn't so pleased but at the same time I was. We arrived pretty early but that was okay because the line for Will Call and to buy tickets began to wrap around the building.

We go to Will call, and fortunately we didn't have to wait long to get up there, thanks to being early. However, something went wrong. I had attempted to explain that due to my lack of posting that my ratings have gone down so I only was able to get 1 out of the 2 press badges, but I could buy a regular badge, and then exchange that one for a press badge. Confusing, I know. So, they told us they couldn't do anything and to go to the service desk, but then the service desk said that press should be able to print, but then press said no they needed the physical badge to be able to exchange it, so then we went back to the service desk. Fortunately, after waiting a while, a gentleman came up and asked if we needed anything, and I explained the situation and told him that we've been bounced around. We managed to get the physical badge, and then exchange it.

Brandon, my partner in crime, then left to go get our drinks from the car which I appreciate because my medicine dries my throat out. This is bad, because I get grouchy, but that's no the Con's fault. However it would be nice to have a water fountain available while we waited for the exhibit hall to open.

After the exhibit hall opened we went through the horde of people. Needless to say, it's hard to contain this crowd, and everyone shouting when someone drops the division bars. I look at the booths but nothing really spoke out to me, and this time I had a budget to keep so I couldn't spend too much. I found one booth that was selling mini posters for a VERY REASONABLE price. I bought an LM.C poster for $5. Amazing right?  I then found a private vendor who was selling cut badges like "Keep calm and fangirl" and such, and she also had grab bags for $3. I thought that was cool so I bought both. The person's name is Hylian Jess. Please check her out, she's very talented, and very nice. I highly recommend her work.  Below is her facebook.

I was disappointed though that there were no real vendors for Japanese rock, but there was one for Korean Pop. Nothing against K-pop, but I mostly listen to Japanese rock/pop and since this is a Japanese culture/sub culture based convention then I figured at least one booth would have a pretty good selection of Japanese music. I did find one Utada Hikaru CD but they wanted $25 so I passed knowing that the band Scandal would most likely have a booth. Scandal being the band of honor this year, and will review their concert in my next article. For now, round 2 of ACen.

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