Sunday, May 17, 2015

★ACen★Day 2★

Day two started a little later which is great because we needed the sleep that we had lost the previous day. After finding out where the merch booth for Scandal, I immediately went there to buy 2 CD's and the tour shirt. I was so excited however I was a few dollars short so I waited for my boyfriend/partner to come with me.  After we visited a friend who was running the Anime Crossroads booth, and also promoting their maid cafe Neko wo Kabaru, we headed down to where the  press conference were going to be held.

We waited outside for the press conference to start but was told that we could go ahead on in. We waited patiently for the band to come in. Sony of course made it so we could only take photos at the beginning and could not video record the interview. Only ACEN was able to do that so hopefully I will be able to link that to you guys shortly!  After the Scandal interview, we went out and waiting for our next interview with Tony Oliver, whom I wasn't familiar with. I honestly don't understand why we must go to 2 press conferences but we did because it was what was required.

After the second interview we went to the Scandal signing and as I was walking up the men whom were maintaining the line were quite rude in saying "I wouldn't bother getting in line". The line was extremely long but at the same time I don't suggest discouraging someone in such a manner because that could have been the wrong thing to say to maybe a younger fan or kid.  Just saying, could have been a bit nicer. I decided to even skip the photo session with them because I was just tired, and honestly didn't look my best to get a photo with them. Plus I at least got a press session with them, and photos so all is well.

The band was humble, and polite as always. I'm hoping to have a good band come next year so we can do press again. My friend who went found a booth full of Jrock CDs so I know now to shop on Saturday. ACEN over all this year was great but that's mostly because I got to see Scandal and meet them. They were truly amazing live. I'm hoping though to bring another band next year. Thank you ACEN for a wonderful time. Due to finals,  I am not able to attend the session to give you feed back so I thought I do it in my blogs.

Below are links of vendors/groups I suggest you check out:


Scandal's Official Facebook

Hylian Jess

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