Friday, July 10, 2015

★ZOO: The TV Series★

It's been awhile since I had even posted a post on my blog. A lot has happened, and adjusting to a new job is pretty tough.  Okay, it's not that hard but I'm still getting used to working again. Tonight I work 5-10:45pm which isn't too bad. I just got to make sure that I get my breaks in. Anyways, I thought I write a blog about a new show that I have started watching recently. It's called Zoo, and for those who know any beyond the first two episodes please refrain from spoiling it for everyone else.

The show is on Tuesday nights around 8pm my time but I'm not going to go into detail about everyone else's time zones. Anyways, the show opens up in Africa where you see a man lazily laying on a hammock with a hat over his head and instructing his friend to "go away" in which his friend only laughed. The man in the Hammock known as Rafiki by some of the locals gives up and gets up from his hammock, only to be handed a concoction of honey, ginger, and other things along with baboon poo. Apparently, it was a remedy to heal over a hang over.

Anyways, Rafiki's friend Abraham said that he thought it be a good idea to go check out the next campsite to make sure everything was alright since he hadn't heard from them in a few days and couldn't get a hold of anyone via radio. They drive out to the camp only to find rotting food and no sign of human life. Rafiki discovers a camera and sees that lions had attacked everyone there. Later on they find a safari vehicle. Abraham decides to check out the safari truck and Rafiki came across a woman named Chloe. They also ended up running into 5 male lions which is odd because not that many males travel together like that or at least that is what was being told in the show.

They manage to get away to the empty campsite and radioed for help. Unfortunately, the people who came to their aid wasn't what they expected. Chloe however hopped the next plane back to Paris, and Rafiki set back out with the help of police to go retrieve his friend Abraham.  Now, at the beginning you also see a kid watching a series of videos of Rafiki's father talking about animals behaviors changing and the theory of them turning against the human race.  He also mentioned that they get the defiant "pupil" in which Rafiki thought to be a student and not an actual pupil. The theory was shut down by Harvard and he lost his job there, but Abraham's nephew I believe  finds them fascinating.  What if there was some truth to his videos though?  This was the question Rafiki asked his mother in which she immediately turned it down, that was until she received the bodies of the victims because of where their wounds were.

In Los Angelos, a reporter is investigating lions getting out and attacking people on the main street. She believes that it's the company Raiden Global and it's food that made the lions act "liony" as many have describe it to be.  She seems to have a personal vendetta out on Raiden Global because she claims that they "murdered" her town. She sets out to check out the habitat and came across a man who is a Pathologist that likes people when they're not around, and is collecting lion poop to determine what was wrong with the lion. I made a comment while watching this that I'm surprised that CNN hasn't reported anything because honestly if you hear about random lion attacks in Africa and lion attacks in Los Angelos that seem to have happened near the same time, they'd be all over that like white on rice.

Also it seems that the local cats in Los Angelos have been disappearing and were eventually found by the Pathologist, Mitchell, and well I have to say it's kind of spooky that that many cats are all sitting in one tree. However, they didn't attack the two after Mitchell called the reporter to his aid. In an European country, an English couple is there hoping to adopt this little boy who does seem to understand English because he replied "okay" when the soon to be his mother said that Daddy would retrieve his stuff tiger. The father ran to what seem to be ruins of a building only to come across several bodies, one with its' leg completely ripped off.

The fate of the father to be however is undetermined but we can assume that it isn't going to end well. The show is gripping from the beginning, and I have to say that I'm kind of spooked out.  I live with 5 dogs, and I can't imagine either of them turning one us. I guess the lesson is, take care of your animals and they'll take care of you.

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