Sunday, August 7, 2016

★Navy Pier: Pepsi Tall Ships 2016★

So, on July 30th (Saturday), I got the opportunity to go with my friend, my friend's parents and my boyfriend to Navy Pier. It was the first time that I had been to Navy Pier and to get there doesn't take that long. If you live where I live, which is Kenosha, Wisconsin, you would want to take the high way to Evanston, Illinois or you can take the Metra to Evanston and Davis street. On Davis, if you don't have one, you would need to buy a Ventura card. This card can be used for all of Chicago transit such as bus, and subway but does not include metra.

You would want to hop on the Purple line on Davis and take it all the way until it stops, then transfer to the red line. Take the red line to Chicago street, and then cross the street and catch the bus. (66 Chicago) bus and take it to Navy Pier.  When we got there it was pretty busy and crowded. The first thing we did was go into the main building on the Navy Pier. As we enter you see a bunch of novelty shops and also food places such as Mcdonalds, and America's Hotdogs.  I didn't think about taking photos of the inside but will get some the next time I go.  I did however get some photos of the ships we saw, and even of the beautiful ferris wheel.  I also got a nice skyline view of Chicago from one of the spots down the pier. When we got there we went into the main building and bought a few things then proceeded outside to where the ships where.

What is amazing that they sail these ships all the way from different countries. One ship, that I like to call the pirate ships, comes from spain. It was truly amazing!We looked at a couple of them, and then headed back to the main building for food since it was near lunch time. We ate at America's Hot Dogs which if you're not looking to spend a lot then I wouldn't eat there.

Two meals where $30 but that's the normal price for a place like Navy Pier. After we ate we continued to walk down to look at the rest of the ships. The one from Spain, I can't remember the actual name, was by far my favorite ships. I spoke with one of the girls who helps with the ship and they said they do sail it from Spain to hear which makes me think, imagine seeing one of those ships go down a river.  After seeing the final ships we headed home. It was a nice cool day that day but the sun came out and was beating down on me.
My favorite photo that I got was of Chicago's skyline next to the canal. It's not all of Chicago, but it's beautiful none the less.


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