Thursday, September 22, 2016

★ Stratford, Canada ★ Shakespeare Festival 2016 ★

At 12:30am or so after we began our long journey to Canada. I don’t remember much of it because I was asleep like everyone else on the bus. After what seemed like forever we stopped at Bob Evans in Port Huron for breakfast. Little did I not know that a lot of my fellow peers on this trip had never had Bob Evans, which is what set in my confusion as to why our professor was telling us we were eating at a diner. I mean, I don’t consider Bob Evans a diner really. After eating a hardy breakfast which sustained me for most of the day, we got onto the bridge that led to the border. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous when they came on the bus because I was not sure what was going to happen. Something silly to worry about I know.

We arrived in Stratford around 12:30 or so which was good considering our bus driver was a bit late. We were able to check into our room which was really nice. It was basically a mini apartment. Two bedrooms, and a pull out bed with a full kitchen and bath. (video to be uploaded soon). However, I am sharing this suite with 5 other girls, which is okay because we all seem pretty cool with each other and respect each other’s space and needs. Good thing I shower at night. After resting for a bit, we set off for our first place. “Chorus Line” and I was wearing my black leggings, with a black skirt, and black tank top with a panda cut at midriff…little did I know that that was a horrible choice, and maybe I should have opted out for my purple dress. It was HOT!!! The sun was out and the heat was unbearable that I nearly had a heat stroke.

I was so appreciative though how everyone was walking with me, and making sure I was okay, because I was not okay but I just didn’t want to turn back and not go. So, little by little I walked towards the theater. Thankfully, two of my professors came to my aid and finished walking with me. From then on, I took a cab to this one because it was farthest away. They also made sure I had water, and made sure I was okay. I ran through my mind what could have made me shut down so quickly. I mean I am no small person but I work a retail shop that has me walking and standing all day. Well, I didn’t want to have this as an excuse to not try new places so for dinner we went to Boomers (Um, a must try!), and the walk wasn’t as bad as it was before because it had cool down.

The rest of the trip was basically about the same. On Thursday we saw "Chorus Line" and "As You Like It". Friday, we saw Macbeth, and John Gabriel Borkman. On the last day I saw Lion, Witch, Wardrobe, and Shakespeare in love. I loved the experience and loved being in Canada. I am already planning to go next year. I do want to give a shoutout to the staff of the festival and theater directors for being super accommodating when I needed some sort of assistance.

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