Monday, November 14, 2016

★31 Day Blog Challenge★Meaning Of My Website Name★Day 3★

Okay, so the actual question is the meaning of my business name, but I run a website not a business. So here it is.

Originally, my website was named Miyuvlogs but since I never had the time to vlog or to edit videos I decided to change my website name. Miyu was a nickname I was given by a friend, but instead I decided to go by my other nickname Mei. I chose followmei because I hope to take you on video adventures to where ever I go because I love to travel.  I thought that since majority of people know me by Mei then I would just go with that. So,  Followmei, a play on the term "follow me", was born, and I hope that this website becomes something cool.  I know I'm often busy, but I do have other social media that I update more often.




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