Wednesday, November 16, 2016

★31 Day Blog Challenge★My Guilty Pleasure★Day 5★

So, in this blog I will tell you one of my guilty pleasures. It's nothing bad. Growing up I would watch Lizzie Mcguire, and That's so Raven but as I got older I still like some shows that are on Disney Channel. I actually like the show Liv and Maddie. I don't think it was because of the story line because Disney had already had a celebrity trying to live a normal life, except for in Hannah Montana she was trying to hide who she was. I liked Liv and Maddie because I was really impressed with how versatile Dove Cameron was when she played both Liv and Maddie.

She was able to make each character their own unique character to the point I thought that they were actually twins at first. I was really impressed, but to some that's not that impressive. Well, that's my guilty pleasure. I haven't really watched Disney since Liv and Maddie ended. I am currently watching Project MC2(Square), and I really suggest it for younger girls, pre-teens, and teens because this show is trying to encourage girls to be more involved with Science, and Math. "Smart is the new cool" is the logo, and I really like that. If you'd like a review over the show then I will work on it, and could even get a parent perspective of it.

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