Tuesday, November 22, 2016

★31 Day Blog Challenge★Piercings or Tattoos★Day 11★

So, I don't know exactly what happened...okay I do. I had posted this originally a few days ago, but yesterday when I went to post the new blog I noticed that the numbers( Days) were out of wack. It appears that I had deleted one of the blogs. I thought I had only deleted a draft but apparently not. So, here is Day 11 which should have been like Day 8.

I have only my ears pierced. Nothing more, nothing less. I thought about one time getting different piercings but never felt like they would look right on me. Even now I don't really wear earrings because I have no earrings. The ones I do are dangly and I've lost studs over time. Maybe coming up I'll buy some new earrings, but otherwise that's all I have.

I have no tattoos because I'm afraid of needles, and the pain that happens. I just don't really want to go through it. I had thought about getting a tattoo of a singer I really like, and of something for my Mom who passed away but never did because if I teach abroad tattoos are not really accepted in like bath houses. Schools maybe okay because I could cover them up, but that is still in the talks and won't happen for a couple more years. I have nothing against tattoos, I personally think they're amazing especially the one Martina from Eat Your Sushi(Kimchi) has. It takes a great deal of talent to make them.  That's all I have to say. Sorry the last blog was late. I was tired, and didn't get a change to blog right away.

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