Friday, November 18, 2016

★31 Day Challenge★10 Of My Favorite Foods★Day 7★

Food! Good thing I'm not writing this while I'm hungry. No joke I just ate a turkey club sandwich from Einstein. It was delicious, but here are 10 of my favorite foods, now surprisingly some of these are healthy foods.

1. Soba. I love Soba, and I wish I could have a bowl right now. My store that I work at sales them so I'm going to be researching some soba recipes.

2. Tacos. Yeah, not one of the healthiest things but I LOVE tacos.

3. Carrots. I love carrots especially dipping them into marzetti veggie dip.

4. Salad with chicken and cheese. I love salad. After I eat it the refreshing lettuce and whatever other green leaf is in there just leaves a satisfying cool feeling in my stomach.

5. Doritos, this was a main chip in the house I lived in when I was younger. I still love them but I've recently switched to veggie straws.

6. Oranges, and bananas. I love oranges and bananas. They are my favorite fruit.

7. Strawberry and banana smoothies or Mix berry smoothies. I love smoothies! I am starting to make them more at home and again it just leaves a cool feeling in my stomach.

8. Ravioli. There's a bag of frozen ravioli my boyfriend and I buy and I love it. The sauce we usually eat with it it the tomato and basil from Newman's.

9. Fish. I love fish, but don't get to eat it often because my boyfriend. doesn't like it.

10. Chicken. After living with my father for a while I ate a lot of hamburger, and while I eat hamburger now, if we ever went out to eat I'll probably most likely order a chicken dish.

Well that's it! My favorite foods. If you'd like me to post a recipe for anything then let me know and I will gladly post it.

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