Saturday, March 25, 2017

★My Dog Simon★Treeing Walker Coonhound★

Okay, so I was planning on doing this blog for a while now but I literally had a brain fart and forgot.  I just literally remembered like this this morning about the blog. Anyways, so for those who don't know or don't follow me on social media, I have a dog. He's more than a dog to me, he's literally my son, whenever someone mentions their kid I always chime in "I have a dog" and they just chuckle.

I wasn't really the one who adopted Simon. Simon just came to use really by chance. My friend's family that I was living with had lost their dog, and their dog at the time was lonely so we wanted to get him a companion and we drove to Ozaukee County to check out this one dog but the dog we wanted to see was already being adopted which is fine because the dog went to a lovely family.  We began to look around at other dogs because we drove all the way there and we found one dog, but she was a bit too hyper for Barney, and we were about to leave when I said and mind you it was a huge deal when I spoke up for anything because I never did, but I asked "If there was any other dogs we could look at" and the Vet tech, or Vet put her finger to her lips like thinking and said:

"Well, there is one other dog that just came in, but he's on antibiotics" which my friend's mom said was okay because she's taken care of dogs on antibiotics. So, then they bring out this beagle dalmation looking dog out and at first Barney was not having it, but then the second time they like "introduced" each other they got along fine.  They adopted him, but he was not what we thought he was. He was actually a Treeing Walker Coonhound name Simon. He is the most sweetest and precious thing ever!  To shorten this story, as time went by my friend's family, and I notice that he just started bond closely to me, which made my heart melt more because Simon has seen the darkest part of me, and he always loved me, so I always reassure him he's safe. He's been a big help in my healing process of life, because there was so much more going on in my life than I post on here, but thanks to my friend's family, my friend, my boyfriend, my cooneyhound, and other help I was able to overcome the darkest part of me. Anyways back to Simon.


There was one time I was with my friend's fiance at the time
and we were watching the dogs. Simon got a hold of hot dog buns because bread was one of his most favorite foods and I literally had to play tug-o-war with the bread with him. Now he doesn't take things so much.

Simon now lives with me. The family I lived with ended up adopting two more dogs because they were brother and sister and I couldn't see them separated but they adopted them, and Simon did not like being around 3 other dogs, in fact he often would stay in my room, but now that I live with my boyfriend, he lives with us. He has very bad separation anxiety that I've noticed and we've discussed it with our vet because he hates being left alone.  Simon is just someone who likes being with us which makes me happy because I do my very best to love him, and spoil him because he's just one of the most wonderful blessings in my life.

History of Simon: There isn't much that we know about Simon. We just know that he came up from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I would love to speak with the previous owner or get some information about his past. I don't think that the owner is a automatic bad person because he/she gave Simon up for adoption but I just kind of want to know more about him.

Something about Simon: So we just found this out recently. (like the past year). Simon is allergic to Chicken and grain. We cannot feed him anything that is poultry flavored or has any trace of grain including flaxseed! If you have any questions on how to care for a dog with allergies, feel free to message me, if I feel I can't provide any answers from experience then I will refer you to your Vet.  The food we feed Simon now is called Zignature: Turkey Formula. For some reason turkey doesn't make him break out.

If you like to see more photos of my pupperoni then check out my instagram where I post a bunch of pictures of him.  My coworker suggested I just make a facebook page for him but I don't know if I'm going to do that. Anyways, that is all for now!

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