Tuesday, April 4, 2017

★5 Iphone Apps to Help with Japanese★

This was really inspired with by one of my friends in one of the facebook groups that I am a part of because while there are a lot of android users, there are some iphone users as well. So let's get this list started. Also, I thought it be best that I retake the Japanese class that I was in when my Mother passed away in order to boost my GPA, so I thought this would be good to post.

1. Hello Talk: I know this hasn't been getting the best rap sheet, but I did find it useful when I was actually studying Japanese, and a lot of vloggers (J-vloggers) have been using the app as well. I highly recommend it because you're able to talk with native speakers. This can be used for any language that you are using, and when you contact someone it list their interest so you can kind of get the conversation started. Below, to be honest I messaged someone I thought I could speak with so hopefully they reply but I have blurred out their name for their own privacy. (Price: Free)

2. Imi wa? So, Imi wa? (意味は?)This literally means "What does it mean?" or "Meaning?". I used this app a lot. It's basically a dictionary, but they do have some cool features such as lists for the JLPT, and what grade levels certain words are learned in. I really like it, and I really suggest downloading it especially if you're on the go. (Price: Free)

3. Genki: Kanji, Vocab, and Conjugation. We use Genki textbooks at my college, and I will be using it a again.  They apps are pretty basic but effective. They Kanji one has all of the Kanji (over 1,000) that you would learn in Genki. The Vocab, goes by chapter, and you can choose the list of what you want to review, the same as the Kanji. Conjugation is well layout, again it's simple but on the back of the card it will display a sample sentence of the conjugation. These however are not free. I think they are 3.99 a piece which isn't too bad in my opinion.


4. Drops: This app is really interesting I literally just discovered it. It has a list of vocabulary words that you can go through though some decks are locked, but majority of them are available for free. The app displays a word and a photo to help those who are visual learners. You then get moved to a section where two photos are show and you must move the correct photo to the word or move the word to the correct photo.  It will then give you 4 photos and you have to choose the correct one.  (Price: Free)

5. Kanji Quizzer: This app is amazing! I have been using it during my free time to practice Kanji. You can also review hiragana and katakana on it. The Kanji is organized based on where it will show up in the JLPT test. You can choose how many decks to review at a time, and it is quite simple to use. The world also displays the definition, and other words the Kanji is used in. After choosing your decks, you will review, and then below you are given a certain amount of words and you must choose the correct one. If you choose correctly, the square with the Kanji will flip and light up green, if you guess wrong it will flip and be surrounded by red. (Price: Free)

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