Thursday, April 20, 2017

★Another Group Project Mishap★Story Time★

What's up guys! It's getting close to that time of year....and no I don't mean memorial day, BUT I do mean finals. I do want to point out that I will not be mentioning names or anything in this blog, but I felt like I need to blog about this. I can't remember if I ever posted a blog about 3 years ago about having a group project mishap with two other girls in my Health class. That being said and done, I just want to point it that this project isn't anything like that.  So let's begin!

So, I'm taking this class called Apocalyptic Imagination, basically we discuss about the world ending, and how it would end through literature and biblical text. During this time we were assigned groups to basically come up with ways to survive the apocalypse.  So, there was designated class time that we didn't have to to go to class so we could meet with our group and discuss our plan of action. One person showed up late. It was bad enough that we weren't even sure if he was going to show up at all because he doesn't check his emails, but I said "whatever it's cool" but from that point on we had about 2 weeks to put the powerpoint together.  I sent out 2 emails to see about meeting up with people but none of them replied which I gave it to them, it was Easter break, no one wants to think of school work during that time, and we still had a week.

Well one of the girl's in my group did reply, and then I found out that I may have been emailing the wrong girl (with the same name) so that's why she didn't reply to me, but sent me an email, so we got that resolved, and then I emailed the guy again in hopes to get a reply since I've been talking to the two other girls in my group. He replied that he was sorry, and he was at work until 11pm, but if there's anything we could have him do then to let him know, so after discussing it with the other group, I said that I understand working and going to school can be hard, but I am also in their shoes. I work retail and go to school and yeah it's tough, but I made sure to use my break time to work on the powerpoint, but I wanted to give him a chance, so we agreed to let him do one slide, and then if he doesn't do it then we'll talk to the professor. I am, however, staying on the powerpoint part because I realized that perhaps he didn't get everything that we spoke about when we all met up during that class time, so I'm going to be there to help.  I wanted to give him a chance because I've been there, and am in this position so I want to give him a chance, but at the same time, time management. I turned down a interview at my school's newspaper that I wanted because of my work and school schedule, though side note, looking at the schedule now I may have been okay doing it, but I did not want to risk it.  I'll update tomorrow, and let you know how it goes because tomorrow is the presentation! Wish us luck!

Update: He turned up for the project presentation. :D

Below I am going to post a link down for 7 things you can do to survive group projects.
7 tips for surviving group projects

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