Wednesday, February 21, 2018

★I Tried Joining A Sorority★

Hello Lovelies!!!!

So, I attempted to join a sorority on my campus, however, I did not realize the GPA they required.

Now, before you jump me for not knowing, hear me out. I saw the application on our daily email from the "news" we get on campus.

It said that the min. GPA was 2.0, so I went ahead and signed up and I even went to the recruitment orientation where I ended up paying $15. Now, hold on before you jump to my defense, because this is not a story that is mean to bash them either. 

After the orientation I waited until I was going to go home to check my GPA because my GPA for my major is 2.5, but not my overall, the reason being that I lost my Mother in 2014, and the past two-three years I have been recovering it. I have been doing better in my classes, but last semester I took on more than I could handle, and I made it with the scrape of my teeth.

Even if I had gotten all shiny grades, I wouldn't have made it to the GPA needed to join a sorority. (2.5-2.6).

Now, I looked at the paperwork and the 2.0 was for those who are fall transfers (I transferred fall 2014, so it doesn't count), and Freshmen.

The good news is, I was able to get my money back since they had not started the rounds. So, if you ever come up with the question on whether you should join a sorority, my answer would be to just give it a shot. I may not have been able to join, but that's okay. There are plenty of clubs for me to join.

Like, Japanese club, or German Club. Something along those lines. I know I said I was going to join rock climbing but I'm not sure as I realized that after Wednesdays, I am super tired, and just do not want to bother with anything.

I think I will find clubs that fit into my day just nicely and where I won't have both work and school.
That's it for this small blog, and I have to say that the stereotypes are not always accurate. The girls in the sororities on my campus are actually pretty nice, and they are not your Hollywood typical sorority.

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