Tuesday, February 6, 2018

★Spring Semester & Graduation★

What is up everyone!!! I know that it has been awhile, but I have been scheduling things to do for this website of mine.

I have to say though that I am fully excited. I plan to do a few more vlogs once I get comfortable with myself. First vlog, I am hoping will be me going to school. (tomorrow!).

Classes start tomorrow. I will be basically on campus from 8am-9pm. I am taking 16 credit hours this time, and I am just ready for May because I am graduating then. I will list below the classes that I am taking along with their descriptions. The most annoying thing however, was that the intermediate class has a supplemental class that goes with it, and it is to help you speak Japanese better, which trust me, is what I need, but I passed it so I got booted from it. So, then, I am told that I am 2 credits short from the amount of credits I need to graduate. SAY WHAT?!

So, here's a bit of advice, even though they tell you "You don't have to take anything in particular", don't waste your tuition money/financial aid. Take a class you know is going to benefit you in some way. I chose to take another English course, and it got approved. Sad to say though, I am reading The Awakening again by Chopin. I love the book, but the ending just gets to me I guess. Maybe when I was in high school I just felt she wasn't strong enough, and was angry for her.....well...I won't spoil it.

Anyways, if there is not any vlogs up, then I will at least put a blog post. I know more reading, but I am a writer. It's mainly because I won't really have time to edit videos. I do plan to do live streams while playing a game, or even just chatting via camera every Thursdays 5pm CST.  That is the schedule at least. Thursdays, I wont' have anything really to do, so I have the time to do it.

Today, I didn't do much. I went grocery shopping. I bought a shirt that says "You're SOY awesome" I know lame, but it was cute to me. I also got a nice pair of jeans, and the Nathan Drake collection. You know, little things for me. I bought Brandon, my boyfriend, a PS4 subscription card, and my cat Hana, a little toy.

Anyways, here are the classes I will be taking, and best believe me, I will be vlogging/blogging these adventures of my final spring semester.

Creative Writing- W: 6pm-9pm 
4cr A workshop in writing poetry and fiction. Through reading and responding to published literary pieces as well as their own projects, students will acquire increased appreciation for the craft and aesthetic of literature and their own writing skills. Prerequisites: COR 1100 and COR 1110 Fall/Spring

Literature and Gender- MWF:9:15am-10:20am 
4cr In this course the literature chosen for study will reflect issues relevant to considerations of gender. In some instances, works will be chosen in order to explore the idea of how literature portrays what it means to be gendered. In other instances, literature will be chosen in order to explore how writers of one gender portray characters of the opposite gender. In some instances the choice of literature will be based on extending awareness of writers who, because of their gender, have not historically been included within the canon. The historical and social contexts of these works will be an integral part of the conversation within the course.
Intermediate Japanese-MWF: 1:35pm-2:40pm 

4cr In this course we further practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing to attain a more authentic and more native language acquisition. While listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are still developed in an interpretative mode, they progress toward a presentational direction. The communicative context at the 3020 level represents a bridge for students to cross back and forth from the interpersonal to the interpretative and to the presentational. Orally, the students are expected to initiate, sustain, expand, and deepen conversations on various topics in a culturally appropriate manner. Cultural components will be emphasized and significant individuals and some historic/philosophic/literary aspects are studied together with language acquisition. Approximately 400 Kanji are expected to be recognized and put into use for thematic writing.

Physics For Future Presidents- 8am-9:05am
4cr. This course presents a topical introduction to the key principles and concepts of physics in the context of the world events and natural phenomena that confront world leaders and that require informed decisions and responses. Energy, health, counterterrorism, remote sensing, space programs, nuclear proliferation, and a host of other modern challenges have technological and scientific dimensions, the understanding of which is essential to avoiding disastrous policy decisions. This course considers the application of physics to these societal challenges. The material is covered at a level and pace that a future world leader should be able to handle; the emphasis is on the development of physical reasoning skills, and not on detailed, mathematical problem solving

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