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★Crankgameplays(Ethan)★Interview Indy Pop Con 2018★

Sound Cloud interview with Ethan

Hello my lovelies!!!! I know that it has quite some time, and this is the interview you were waiting on!! Below is my transcript in case you have issues hearing it, and I will tweak my questions but not Ethan's answers. Ethan's answers will be as he answered it.


FM: You began youtube in 2012. Are you hoping to do more with Charity because I've noticed that you've guys have done a whole lot. 

Ethan: Yeah, so I definitely want to do more charity stuff. I've done group charity stuff with a group of friends of mine, and it's been awesome, but I definitely want to do more charity stuff on my own more regularly. I want to try to do at least 3 or 4 charity streams by the end of the year for a bunch of different charities. The most recent one I did was for able gamers, which was super super fun.  I think we raised around $11,000 grand for that in like 5 hours which was really awesome. And so I want to do not only more charity streams but also longer ones like 12 hours and some friends and I might be planning a big 24 hour one, which would be super cool, but yes absolutely I want to do more charity stuff in the future. 

FM: Definitely, will need a lot of energy drinks, but following up from that, do you believe as a gamer on youtuber, you brought out the bad stigma that games have? 

Ethan:Um, I think...I don't think that I've done it personally, but I think that the gaming community on youtube has definitely made it less of a "oh well only a bunch of nerds play games". I don't think there is much of stigma at all with gaming anymore, especially now with the east board community becoming more main stream and like with this year the overwatch league happening. It's a lot more mainstream and something more viable to do as a career right now, which is really cool, and I think that people forget that having a job in games, you could be a game journalist or a game developer, or even like a youtuber in some cases. So the gaming industry as a whole is losing that stigma, it's not as much as a niche thing anymore. It's becoming more mainstream and more widely accepted, and sort of normalized which is cool. There is definitely something with mainstream media people, there is a lot less "You play games" or "You're in gaming wha??" Those kind of answers.  There isn't as many people hating on games anymore. 

FM: Yeah, because it's nice to see a good "something" or good come out of it. And I can tell you inspired a lot of your fans. Especially out there, which is why I always like interviewing people like youtubers like you because you do make a difference. 

Ethan: Thank you

FM: It's the truth. What has been your game so far that you've played? 

Ethan: uhhh, I have no idea, because there are some games that are my favorite games but they are definitely not the best games ever. I really like super smash bros. mele a lot, and basically because I played it a lot as a kid, and that's like a game that my brother and I bonded over a lot when we were growing up. A game that came out in 2017 is "What Remains of Edith Finch". It's probably really high up there. It's a really really cool game. It's definitely sort of a once in a life time experience sort of thing because once you play it the first time, there is just so much that happens that you can only experience once. I can't really talk about it too much, otherwise I will spoil it, but for those who have played that game, there is only certain things that you can experience one time which is super cool. 

FM: I've seen it played, and it's amazing. We'll definitely will leave it at that. If you had fans that wanted to start doing twitch or youtube, the usual question, what would you suggest them to do? 

Ethan: So, the biggest thing is do it because you are passionate about it, and your passionate about creating things or passionate about the community. I think that it's cool seeing youtube or twitch (Sorry guys, interruption here, and Ethan was cool and was waiting for it to pass) ..Alright, with youtube and twitch becoming a mainstream thing. It's a double sword. It's good and bad because a lot of people are seeing a lot of the youtubers and streamers get a lot of success and wealth and fame and stuff and while I guess that's sort of a perk to this kind of thing, it's not why people should start doing it. And also for the most part, people aren't making an insane amount of money or crazy famous or anything like that, so that's pretty rare, but it's sad seeing a lot of people start because they think that's what's going to happen and I wish more people would make videos and streaming because they want to do it. That's my biggest thing, don't start because you wanna get big or get famous or whatever, because it's so hard to grow, especially now with it being so over saturated, it's so hard to grow on youtube, and so if you're starting on that reason of "I wanna get super famous" you're just going to be sad all the time because it's so hard to start on youtube, especially now. 

FM: The constant changing algorithm. 

Ethan: Yeah Exactly. 

FM:And the final question is: Do you want to say any words to your fans here at Indy Pop Con or just in general?

Ethan: Yeah, it's always so crazy to see how many people come out to these events seem me. It's...I don't know it's always really weird even though I'm starting to get more use to it. It's always so crazy like because I see these people on twitter or in the comments, but then meeting them in real life, I can put a face to a username, and I can be like "I know exactly who you are, because you leave comments all the time or tweet me all the time".  and so, there are a lot of people who thank me for dedicating my time to making videos but really I have to thank them for not only watching my videos but also  taking their time to come out to things like this to meet me, and it's really awesome to meet people in person, and it's a lot of fun. 

FM:Yeah, we heard some came here from Norway. And I mean we (my photographer and I) don't beat that, but 3 to 4 hours from Wisconsin. 

Ethan:Yeah, people come a long way. It's nuts. 

FM:And that's basically all the questions!! 

Author/Interviewer Notes: 

 I also felt like a complete jerk because I didn't realize Brian sat behind us and not at the table with us. As I stated in the video review, I don't like interviewing people if I'm not familiar with that they do simply because I feel like it's not a true interview and I don't want to say something stupid, but I am watching Girbeagly AKA Brian's videos now so please check them out! Both of these guys are really down to Earth and amazing people. I seen first hand the effect they have on their fans, and it makes me want to push these guys forward even more because we need more good in the world.  I also apologize that this took some time to get up! It took more time transcribing than I though it would even though it was 5 questions. Thank you again CrankGameplays( Ethan) and Indy Pop Con for this amazing opportunity.  It was amazing doing something in my hometown such as this. 

Ethan's Youtube: CrankGameplays

Brian's Youtube: Girbeagly

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