Thursday, June 7, 2018

★Hello lovelies!!!★Update: I GRADUATED AND I HAVE BEEN HIRED★

Good evening all!
I am not in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has been quite some time since I've been in my home town. It's still super hot in June, and it's still makes my allergies kick me in the face. I am literally going through a whole box of tissues.  I am however happy to announce that tomorrow is Indy Pop Con! I am so excited to be going to this convention and hoping to get some amazing shots of cosplayers, and much more.

I am also going to try to vlog as much as I can, but that will be posted later on after the convention. If you guys get photos from me, I will hand you a business card and that way you will be able to get a hold of me in case I miss posting your photo OR if you just want the copies of your photo(s) emailed to you, as well as your social media pages tagged onto the facebook page.

Now, for my updates on my life. I was going to post a live video tonight but my allergies have been acting up all day. It's my birthday today and it's been kicking my butt.  So, I will give you a mini updated.

5/27/2018: Graduation day. I graduated with a major in English and minor in Japanese. My minor is the main reason that I had went radio silent again.  I was not doing too hot in the intermediate class, but I actually pulled out with a pretty good grade. So I am a Bachelor of the arts with an English major and Japanese minor.

6/7/2018: My birthday!!!!!! Also the week before this I was hired on as an assistant teacher. I will not say anymore than that because of reasons, but I have gotten hired right after school which makes me happy! 

That is about all the mini updates that I have. If you want more frequent updates please check out my social media! If you'd like to live chat with me, I have my own discord!


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