Saturday, June 23, 2018

★Indy Pop Con 2018: Vendor Stops★

Here are a list of Vendors that I went to!!! I was going to put a description under each of them, but that's going to take a lot of time, and I also don't remember all that I bought from where except for the prints, so please forgive me!!! As promise though, I am adding you on my Vendor Stops list!  Not particular order. Also, vendors, if there is a correction needing to be made, email me and I will fix it!

Off World Designs (Graphic Tees!)

Animestuffstore! (Located in Plainfield IL)

WalkingMelonsAAA (Animation Youtuber/Print Vendor!)

Bittersweethaven (Print and Plus and Clothes Vendor!)

Podcast!!! Podcast design studio!

Hand Painted Nerd (Etsy!)

Jess' Spookie Taylor Art!

Gritty Sugar art!

Icy Panther Shop


Morph's Props

Punch It Graphics


Whitney Kay

Dlierber Writing (Author!)

Nerd Culture Podcast!!!

Lauren Mormino (Vendor!) 

Suta/Justyce/Justyna Babinska (Illustrator/Storyteller)

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