Sunday, June 10, 2018

★Indy Pop Con 2018★COMING SOON★

Coming soon....

Note: Thank you guys so much for reading my blog!!!! I have exciting things coming up post Indy pop con! I, however, did not vlog because of reasons and I will explain them in a vlog later on today. 

Also, I have some exciting things coming your way!!!!! A Special interview from someone!!! :) Much love to you all, stay safe, and have fun on the last day of Indy Pop Con! 

Also, if you have had a photo taken by me then let me know! I am happy to send you guys the raw copies before I edit them. Just let me know who you cosplayed!!! Also, be detailed as there were many cosplays that were the same. 

Also, to the Mantis Cosplay at Taco Bell at Circle Center....I'm sorry I mistaken your cosplay!!! <3 You were an amazing Mantis. I had just been going 12 hours without eating. 

See you guys on the last day of Indy Pop Con! 

Update Update: Guys, thanks for being patient with the updates. Brandon has gotten the Con-plague, and I ended up with an upset stomach today so videos are being post-poned, but this means I can give you guys one big video versus two smaller ones, or I may stick with that. <3 much love all! 

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