Tuesday, September 18, 2018

★We're Moving★

Where should I begin? I know it has been some time since the last time I blogged. The last time was in July.

I have done a few live streams here and there, but somehow I wasn't able to keep them consistent since my job started. I guess it took me longer to adjust to this new job than planned. A lot has happened since then.

The first is that Brandon and I are moving to another apartment. A better one. I'll be doing an apartment tour soon after everything is put together. I'm thinking maybe the first week of October. The apartment is really nice. It's a two bedroom two bath apartment with a private entry way!  I'm so thankful that we are able to afford this.  We will also have better internet! I'm so excited to have better internet.

Why the sudden move? Originally, we were going to hold out until we could get a house, but we had some visitors.

About 4am in the morning on a Friday, we had the police department banging at our door. Apparently, they were looking for someone that just so happened to have the same last name as me. After getting them to leave the first time, I try to navigate in my dark apartment with my flashlight on my phone and they found that to be suspicious so they came up and decided to search the apartment.We let them in, but I could tell when they saw just me, they realized that they had the wrong place. 

I did happen to see though that a "Smith" that wasn't mine pop up on our wifi listings so that may be the person they were looking for. Either way, we were NOT happy at all. Also, this apartment had just became too crowded for two people. We decided to set off to look for another apartment. Luckily, we found our new home on the second try. The first one we looked at was similar but it just lacked....a lot. There was no home vibe for me. We then toured our second place, and being encouraged to decorate, and do whatever made us happy. Also, the amenities were really nice.

However, it's smaller things that I am thankful about in this new place. The first one being the washer and dryer unit IN the apartment. No more going beyond "quiet time" hours to do laundry, and no walking to a second building to do our laundry. We also have a dishwasher which will take less stress on us having to hand wash our dishes. An area for a kitchen table for us to sit down and eat dinner, and a comfy living room for us to spend time together. For me, it's having an office to work in. I'm so excited to be able to have this personal space of mine. Brandon was so nice to give it to me, and I told him I'll keep all my clothes and such in it, so he could have the master bedroom closet.

So I'll have my own little space which makes me super happy! Also, our kitchen is big enough to make healthy wholesome food! I ordered a new cook book that should arrive when we're there.  I also have have a space where I can possibly do more vlogs!

Other than that, the new job is going great. Expect more after I move!

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