Saturday, January 18, 2020

★What I have learned so far on my teaching journey★

It has officially been a while since I have last written here. I know I always talk about coming back but it just did not work out at the time. I had just recently accepted a position as a third grade lead teacher at the school that I work at and now working on my Masters in Education-Teaching and learning as well as my teaching license. My plate was piled high and I was not sure why God had placed me in this position but I knew if I focused on things that it will work out. In fact, I passed my first two classes with an A!
This blog will go a certain way. I will be doing let’s plays and also blogging about my experience as a teacher. I’m the teacher that games.  The first I want to talk about is my experience teaching.
I admit I was nervous but determined that my students would not fall behind. With my determination however came a lot of self-doubt and it became an emotional roller coaster. I had felt that a lot of the year that I had disappointed my admin team and I do not like disappointing people. That gnaws at me a lot. I began to feel that I was incapable of doing this job and began questioning God and his plan. “Are you sure I am meant to be here?” and so on. I
         However, I began to realize that this my own demon that began to hang around. Its name is Self-doubt. I knew that this was an attachment from the people in my past. Consoling with my fellow teachers I began to pick myself up and knowing me I do not step back. I began to read devotions and come to a understanding that things that are going on now are not by chance but what I am meant to do with my life. I began to start talking with what I need to do to ensure my students succeed no matter what. I won’t feel like a failure if they do not get something now because they may very well get it down the road. I learned that being a teacher is a learning process and it's trial and error when you have a class. 
            So, if you are a first year teacher, do not stress it. There are days that will not be perfect, and maybe no learning will get completed but as long as they are growing into incredible little people then you’ve done your job. I have seen miracles happen such as a student who had no compassion for reading, asking his grandma to read with him and be excited to talk about what he had learned that day. Celebrate your small victories and keep then close because that will be a reminder that there will be more to come. If you believe in God or some form of religion, ask for guidance and understanding.
Talk with teachers who have been there for a while and get some insight but do not gain wisdom from bitter teachers. Surround yourself with those who have a positive energy because the ones negative energy can wear on your soul. Celebrate the small wins, big wins, and learn from the losses.  You'll be just fine. 

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