Saturday, April 25, 2020

★Can you hear me?★ Original Poem★

Can you hear me? 

I’m so alone 
Can you hear me? 
The pain is too much to bare 
And I know nobody will care 
Too much has happened 
Too much has brought me down 
Crashing, fall to the ground 
Draining out all my blood 
Maybe this is the only way out 
Maybe I won’t have to feel this pain 
If I just fall into a deep sleep 
My life is something I want to keep
But I’m withering to my death 
Taking in my last breath 
Unless someone can wake me 
And show me the light I can’t see anymore 
Because so far all I’ve been shown 
Is betrayal and loveless lonely days 
My life is painted in shades of grays 
Tell me what’s the use of prayer? 
Because I know I don’t deserve his grace 
I’m just so out of place 
I never belonged here 
Myself and my past is my worst fear 
I never want to trust again 
Because lying is ignorant bliss 

Original written 9:45am, 3/27/08 

Edited: 4/25/20 

Time: 12:18pm

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