Saturday, April 25, 2020

★Quarantine Blurbs★

I honestly never thought that I would wake up one morning to say "I think I am going to write a blog entry today".  This website was left neglected as I tried navigating my life and balancing things before they fell apart.  Today I guess was just a time that I started thinking deeply about what I want to do with this website and move forward. 

With this site, I have tried doing press things but something just didn't work out to the way I wanted it so after a few months of thinking, I decided to make this a site for my writing whether it be poems or short stories, and blogging. So, here’s my first new entry as my next step is to create a consistent schedule.  

My life in quarantine has been interesting and an emotional roller coaster. I do not think that I have ever been tested so much in my life to understand myself but also the world around me. In the beginning of the quarantine my boyfriend and I had ended our relationship of 5  and a few months.  It was mutual so no hard feelings but it hurt nonetheless.  The worst part is thinking someone is going to make a home with you and potentially have children then it kind of just vanishes.  

I guess at first I did not realize how different we were or I did and chose to ignore it saying that it’s good we’re different because we don’t want to get bored of each other. It was truly an interesting outcome of events to say the least and as days go bye because my ex and I are stuck in this situation until March of 2021, I see how much we weren’t compatible. It’s not a bad thing either and better to find out sooner rather than later.  

I have to admit that I was seeking into a rut. I think the biggest lost in this was human connection. Daily I work with 19 students as well as a staff of 28 and that has all been replaced with virtual learning. So, now I am stuck in this environment where my break up took place having to set it up so we can co-exist on top of setting up things for my bedroom. 

It is not easy to think about sometimes. My bedroom is now my office, my job has been stressful, and things just seemed to be going wrong. I am thankful though to have some people in my life to keep me leveled. I don’t think that I would have made it to this point if I hadn’t had certain people to lean on during this time. I think that human connection is important and happy that we live in a time where we’re able to still see each other’s faces and talk to them. 

We’re still able to watch movies with them or play video games with them despite the distance. Human connection I think is often taken for granted or lost in the busyness of our lives.  That’s why I hope each and everyone reading this is doing well. This also isn’t a disregard of what is happening on the frontlines but more of someone letting everyone know we’re not alone in this. Everyone is affected.  This is just my personal piece of the puzzle to Covid-19.  

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