Sunday, July 26, 2020


Good Morning lovelies!

I have not been active on my blogger because of a few reasons. I usually teach summer school but that did not work because of covid.  I am now doing an internship program to do training. I have also been going to different interviews for a new position in teaching.

But the biggest announcement I want to post:

I have started my twitch channel! I stream Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and  Sundays!

I stream for about 2 or more hours various different games. 

Some days I will be streaming with Sarahble

I am hoping to grow a following to start earning money to donate to charity. Listed below will be the charities that I plan to support as well as my Twitch!



Tyler Robinson Foundation

Trevor Project

Love Loud


Also if you know anyone or would like to support LGBTQ+ small owned businesses check out the link below for tips on how to do just that. We all need a little more love and support in this world so help by supporting LGBTQ+ small owned businesses.


I hope to see you all during my live stream! Stay happy, healthy and most of all make sure to love one another.

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